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Work Smarter Not Longer In The Gym

Apr 18, 2012

High-intensity interval training for weight loss and burning fat is achieved by performing short bursts of strenuous exercising for several minutes followed by less intense motion afterwards, switching back and forth. For example if you're doing brisk walking or jogging, walk or run fast for several minutes then slow down the rhythm for a few minutes and start again. HIIT is a time saver as well as you'll finish your training earlier.

High-intensity interval training for weight loss and burning fat can also be done with weight training. You don't need 3 hours in the gym everyday to lose weight. In fact just 10-15 minutes of intense exercise is enough to achieve some weight loss. Say you perform deadlifts, do it intensely. With moderate-heavy weights, perform 3-5 sets of 8-12 repeats. Allow 30 seconds rest in between. You can also add other exercises like bent-over rows, bench press, military press and squats. So in just 10-15 minutes, you can have a great fat-blasting workout with just 2-3 exercises. You'll be amazed how much energy will be drained from your body and how satisfying your workout will be. While some people are still exercising in the gym, you'd be long gone.

You don't need weights to perform HIIT. Heard of push-ups, bodyweight squats etc…? These don't require any weights and gym as they can be done at the comfort of your home. These are known as bodyweight exercises and high-intensity bodyweight training will be your answer for fat burning and weight loss.

Here are 3 great benefits of HIIT:

1. Your fat-burning hormones are stimulated and released and these help break down fat cells which will get burnt over time.

2. Vigorous and short bursts of physical activity can also suppress appetite while longer workouts increase it.

3. Glucose is transported from your bloodstream to your muscle tissues and used as energy there instead of getting stored as fat deposits. If you have too much glucose in your blood and you don't exercise, the excess will be stored as fats.


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