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  • Small Group Training

    Fitness Together small group training combines the energy and fun of a small group, with the coaching of a certified Fitness Together® trainer in a private setting. It is truly personalized group training. Like-minded people begin together, work together and finish together in pursuit of a common purpose and to achieve individual goals.

  • Nutrition

    Discover How to Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss While Eating A Whole Foods Diet So You Can Live Longer and Feel Good Again.  Do you know you can  lose over 25lbs and 10% body fat in 90 days by using our Life Maverick Personalized Nutrition Program. Do you ever wonder why you cannot keep off the weight you lose over and over again. Here's the secret, you are eating too little, not utilizing timing and not eating all your macronutrients each meal.  Let me explain: we will teach you to eat the right amount of food your body needs each meal, the correct ratio of macronutrients and the optimal timing of meals to increase your metabolism. You can keep doing the same old 'starvation and fad diets' while losing weight and gaining it back. A year from now you will remain frustrated, overweight and have further sabotaged your metabolism. The big question on my clients minds can I find the time and make it EASY to eat a healthier diet and still lose weight.   Many clients come to me confused, depressed and frustrated regarding sustainable weight loss so we've been colaborating with the Balanced Habits team on this problem, licensing their superior systems for use with our members who want lasting lifelong body transformation changes.   Greg Sterner, Certified Nutrition Specialist leads a team of Food Coaches whose sole mission is the give you the tools, accountability and their experience in body transformation to have success. It took me over 10 years in the health and wellness field to find a systems that is simple to use, utilizes whole foods and keeps weight off. We want to share our over 8 years of Personalized Nutrition Coaching and Body Transformation expertise with you. Now you can have sustainable weight loss, while living longer and feeling GREAT again.  MAVERICK PROGRAM PARAMETERS LIFE-“Maverick” offers a 3-month Personalized Nutrition Program that will teach you everything about nutrition and what your specific body needs for the rest of your life. What the program includes: A comprehensive spiral bound booklet filled with valuable nutrition information. • Think of it as the road map to get you to your goals! Whatever they may be. Mindset focus/tools improving the way you think as you implement a healthy lifestyle. Food lists and meal ideas designed for your body, your tastes, and lifestyle. Sample of portioned breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners to help you learn to create meals that work for your body, within your lifestyle. Recipes of portioned protein smoothies to help you get your day started off right! Lists of how to eat in all types of restaurants and how to order with confidence. A daily food journal to hold you accountable to your choices for your appointments with your very own Food Coach. Daily messages from our educational, fun and interactive Mobile App Weekly check-ins and journal reviews from your own Balanced HabitsTM Food Coach ....and so much more! How often do you meet with your Food Coach? You’ll meet in-person with your certified Food Coach six times during your program, spread out to be supportive and provide additional accountability as you begin to modify your lifestyle. As an added bonus, you’ll receive access to the Balanced Habits Recipe Site where you’ll receive new & delicious recipes for the 3 months of your LIFE program.



  • Friendly people who care about helping you achieve your goals. FT helped me prepare to hike the Appalachian Trail at age 65. If you have the will, FT will show you the way.

  • The high quality training and nutrition advice at Fitness Together has helped me reach my fitness goals. I’ve lost 20 pounds and have a BMI of 22.8!

  • I have been working out at FT for a couple of years and it has made a dramatic difference in my health. I no longer need hip surgery and I am able to dance and hike again.

  • I started working out after having breast cancer and heading to osteoporosis. My primary goal with FT was to increase bone density. I now have normal bone density.