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Trendy 5 New Health & Fitness Apps (worth downloading and using!)

Jul 17, 2013

Technology can be a powerful tool to help make us as healthy as possible-and at last count there were more than 14,000 health, fitness and wellness apps available in the iTunes Store.

Moves (Free)
Need an app that tracks your movement where you can set it and forget it? Look no further than Moves. Just keep your iPhone in your pocket and Moves automatically records your daily movement in the background of your iPhone.
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LOLO ($3.99)

Ever wish you could set the beat of your music to the pace of your workout? Now you can with LoLo. Use this app while you walk, run, use the elliptical or even cycle, and increase the tempo of the music to fit the intensity of your workout. The embedded audio coach gives you the interval changes in speed or elevation, taking the guesswork out of your cardio.
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GAIN Fitness (Free)
While an app can't replace your personal trainer, the app by GAIN Fitness can enhance your workouts and keep your trainer up to date with your progress in real time. From strength training and cardio to core training and yoga, this "digital workout card" allows you or your trainer to embed video and pictures of hundreds of different exercises, giving you plenty of options for working out at the gym or at home. If you're traveling, no problem!

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Charity Miles (Free)
Are you the type of person who needs a little extra motivation to get your workout in? If so, check out the Charity Miles app, which converts your minutes of exercise to dollars, while raising awareness for your favorite charity. Turn on the app at the start of your workout, select a charity and go-it's that simple. Charities range from the Wounded Warrior Project to Autism Speaks, and with every minute you exercise more money goes to your charity of choice.

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DigiPill (Free)
What if rather than taking a pill, you could listen to a pill? Need help unwinding from a tough day at the office? Still having trouble kicking the smoking habit? Toss and turn every night? If you've ever wanted to try using audio suggestions for some of your wellness challenges then DigiPill might be worth the download. DigiPill uses psycho-acoustics to help you unlock your subconscious and change your perception on a wide range of daily challenges. Each download offers one free 10-minute "pill" of your choice. Find a quiet place, put on your headphones and listen away.
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