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How to Eat Out and Stay Slim (Dessert Is Included!)

How to Eat Out and Stay Slim (Dessert Is Included!)

 When you are invited to a dinner at a fancy restaurant, you can chalk it up as a treat and indulge for the evening. Or you can make some smart swaps and menu alterations to enjoy the time out without packing on pounds. That's exactly what Portland Chef Gregory Gourdet does-and this strategy keeps him well-fueled and on track with his marathon training (he's completed seven to date!).

Chef Gourdet, who turns out delicious modern Asian cuisine at Departure Restaurant in Portland, enjoys accommodating his diners' various dietary requests. Here are the smart moves he and his guests make to slim down restaurant dishes:

  1. Ask for no dairy. "You can save yourself a lot of saturated fat by omitting butter, high-fat milk or cream," Gourdet says.
  2. Opt for seafood. Lean meats and fish are better options than something like braised beef.
  3. Ban breading. "Avoid anything fried," Gourdet says, suggesting the grilled or steamed vegetables over French fries or onion rings.
  4. Order dessert. Really! Gourdet recommends sorbet as a smart sweet option.