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Local Fitness Studio Helps You "Cruise" Into Shape!

Jan 27, 2010

With the Holiday rush winding down and as most of us look into 2010, we're wondering 'after all of the Holiday feasting, how do I dig up the motivation to start a workout program?' Well, would a cruise to the Mexican Riviera help?

"Lose to Cruise" is the annual 12-week weight loss challenge, created by local fitness expert Dona Wilson, owner of Fitness Together Rancho Bernardo and Escondido. Wilson came up with the idea six years ago, after seeing her clients struggle to keep their New Year’s Resolutions. "I knew they needed an extra dose of motivation to push them to their next level, and the thought of winning a cruise was definitely that motivation," says Wilson.

Past winners of the "Lose to Cruise" challenge have seen some phenomenal results, including weight losses of over 30 pounds in just weeks. The last weight loss challenge Fitness Together Rancho Bernardo & Escondido had this past fall, "Extreme Fitness Challenge", had winner, Becky Cortez (pictured), tipping the scales in her favor with a weight loss of 33 pounds, 7.3% body fat and a changed life (more about Becky's story in the Health section).

"This contest is open to the entire community." says Dona Wilson, "This is a New Year, your time to make that change in your life, and with a new body to gain and possibly a cruise to win, you need to go for it."

The "Lose to Cruise" Challenge begins February 2010, please call to reserve your spot in the contest, as contestants are limited. Contact Fitness Together Rancho Bernardo at (858) 451-6051 or or Fitness Together Escondido at (760) 741-6100 or


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