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Heart Healthy Lunch and Learn at FT Rancho Bernardo

May 20, 2010

Thank you to all who attended the Healthy Heart Lunch and Learn On Monday April 26th Fitness Together Trainers Charlie, Matt, Diego and Justin put on a very eye opening presentation on how to have a healthly heart. Everyone who attended learned about the heart in general, the diseases that occur in the vascular system, how exercise combats those diseases and what we can eat to have a healthy heart. Everyone who attended also sampled a variety of heart healthy foods. Since feedback was so positive we plan on continuing the Lunch and Learn series. We plan to host one every two to three months. We are currently getting ideas for our next event and would welcome any requests or ideas from you. Please feel free to tell your trainer your ideas or e-mail us your thoughts. donawilson@fitnesstogether com


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