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Extreme Fitness Challenege: Contestant Update

Jan 27, 2010

On July 30th, Fitness Together launched their "Extreme Fitness Challenge" where two contestants were chosen to train in Fitness Together's state-of-the-art private personal training studios, four times a week for 12 weeks with their own personal trainer, absolutely free! Georgette Belair, a busy career woman looking to get in shape again, has been training at Fitness Together Rancho Bernardo, and Becky Cortez, a mother of two putting her best foot forward to be the best for her family, has been chosen to train at the Fitness Together Escondido location.

In just 6 weeks training at the Rancho Bernardo location Georgette has lost 7 pounds and 1.5% body fat! Her trainer says in addition to the improvements in her conditioning and endurance, she is far more energetic than she was before the contest. She can now do the exercises in her workouts far more efficiently and faster without getting out of breath as easily.

Becky has also been making incredible progress, and in these 6 weeks training at the Escondido location she has lost an amazing 18.2 pounds and 4% body fat and down 14 inches over all! Not only has Becky said she feels healthier, but now she no longer worries about getting diabetes, which was a fear, as it runs in her family.

This contest is still anyone's game and these two ladies are going to be working even harder now that the finish line is in sight. "As we enter into the last few weeks of the contest our trainers will be pushing both ladies even harder. We are just so proud of them both," says Dona Wilson, owner of both Fitness Together locations. The winner will be announced at the two-year anniversary party at the Escondido location on October 29th. Good Luck!

For more information on Fitness Together Rancho Bernardo, please call (858) 451-6051 or, or Fitness Together Escondido at (760) 741-6100 or


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