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13 Kitchen Tips To KISS (Keep It Super Simple)

Jun 1, 2020

13 Kitchen Tips To KISS!! (KeepItSuperSimple)

1. Sharpen your knives the first Sunday of every month

2. Grow your own Fresh Herbs in a small window box

3. Discard seasonings you have not used in 6 months

4. Discard any oils you have not used in 4 months

5. Refrigerate dark oils, such as, Sesame oil

6. Have a small container with a simple lid of each Kosher Salt, Ground Black Pepper and a blend of both near the stovetop

7. Have a cooking utensil container on or near your stove top

8. Have separate cutting boards for produce, meats and herbs

9. Fill a glass cup full of vinegar and place on the top shelf in the dish washer every other cycle to keep your glassware spotless

10. Wipe counter tops down at the end of each day of cooking with a vinegar-water mixture-spray and a rag (not a sponge)

11. Wash rags, dish towels, cloth napkins and pot holders weekly

12. Place a damp dishrag, larger than your cutting board, beneath, whenever using, to prevent slippage.

13. Wipe down the inside of your refrigerator shelves every other first Sunday of the month with a rag and the vinegar-water spray


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