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Start Small

Start Small

Matt Maassel

Most of us can only make one change to our lives at a time. Do you agree? Maybe you’re a rare exception and can overhaul your life in a weekend and maintain it for the long-term... but probably not.


Once you become an established adult, change is difficult. You’ve already carved out a groove for your daily lives and it is a well worn path. As a result, any change you make will be met with resistance. The more changes you try to make at once, the more difficult it becomes to maintain those changes.


Consider this:

Research has shown that when people try to change a single behavior at a time, the likelihood that they’ll retain that habit for a year or more is better than 80 percent. When they try to tackle two behaviors at once, their chances of success are less than 35 percent.  When they try for three behaviors or more, their success rate plummets to less than 5 percent.”

- Precision Nutrition http://www.precisionnutrition.com/one-habit


You want to improve your diet? Good! Start small.

You want to improve your fitness? Awesome! Start small.


It’s tempting to try and make a lot of changes at once, especially if you know a lot of areas that could improve, but if you really want to succeed longer than 30 days, just focus on one habit.


What habit will you focus on?