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Ditch the Diet and Drop the Guilt!

Ditch the Diet and Drop the Guilt!

Kara Sabatino RD LD

Mindset is huge in a healthy lifestyle. Many clients come to us looking for exercise and diet to help them lose weight or hit a specific goal. Many people have such a laser focus on a goal that they are willing to do just about anything to get there. However, the most important thing we need to evaluate is how we can stay at that goal - and become healthier physically and mentally. Sometimes you have to work from the inside out. Ditch the diet and drop the guilt! I am going to discuss a few small thoughts today - just read it and think it over and see if it can help you work on your mindset towards long term health and weight management. There is a difference in the people who get to a healthy weight and keep it off - and those who are constantly weight cycling and seeking the next “quick fix”. The difference I believe is their mindset! :)

Train Your Mind to Adapt to Healthy Lifestyle Changes

I could write a novel on how to develop a healthy mindset towards nutrition - and there are so many theories on how to train your mind to adapt to these changes to make them easier to stick with long term. I think the major factor that derails us is guilt. Guilt towards past failures, lack of motivation, lack of willpower, lack of effort, lack of time - shall I continue? We always have an excuse for why we can’t do the things we need to do (and some justifiably so) and then the guilt we feel for “failing” usually deters our future progress. To simplify this - I want you to think about a quote - “the only way you fail is to quit!” You are not a failure for eating that extra cake, you are not a failure for skipping that workout because you had to work. Focus on a positive behavior and keep building on it for the next day and don’t look back.

Speaking of “excuses”, or justification. Think about this - life gets in the way! Of course! Not every week will be food planned to perfection and full of exercise! However, think about how we feel when we use one of these excuses as an excuse to overeat. “I am stressed at work, so I ordered pizza and ate the whole thing”. We only temporarily feel better after these food binges. I have talked with clients in the past who are feeling guilty for giving into food during an “excuse” period. And they are always sitting there with me upset with how they are feeling mentally and physically from having done that. The thing we can learn from this is that using our excuses to overeat generally does NOT make us feel better. We have to find a healthier way to deal with these issues we are having. That is where mindset comes in. This is a long term counseling method and takes a ton of time to perfect - but here is where you can start.

A Helpful Tip to Manage Nutrition 

*Identify one issue you have involving food - anything from cravings to stress eating. Think about a list of ways you could healthfully deal with these issues and just start acting on it. You might not always succeed in eliminating the problem - but if you keep trying you can see long term change!!

It always helps to talk through issues and have a cheerleader in your corner. This is where FT comes in! We are here to help motivate you for exercise and hold your hand in solving any food issues you have to make your life easier and more fulfilling! Give us a call today (330) 550-9839 or request a free consultation.