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The hardest part is getting started: take the first step

The hardest part is getting started:
take the first step

Request an Initial Consultation

Our comprehensive fitness program begins with a no strings attached free consultation to determine if we are the right fit for you. If we are, we’ll get the ball rolling on some fantastic results.

  • "All the trainers are great, they truly care about you and your life and wellbeing. They're responsive to issues you may be having during workouts and provide alternatives to help get you through the session. FT Poland is a great environment with good people and the system works!"   ― B. R.

  • "Everything!! I am able to get quality exercise time into my very busy schedule. The trainers truly care about challenging me during my workouts!! Everyone at FT is amazing! "   ― L. G. R. S.

  • "I love that every workout is designed around my individual goals and performance. The staff is very friendly and everyone that works there knows your name and talks to you while you workout and encourages you throughout."   ― T. P.

  • "The trainers care. They create work outs designed for your health goals and abilities. If you say to easy they will pump up the work out. This is a place for all ages and body types. They can help you reach your goals."   ― P. Y.

  • "FT has given me a new life, I have more energy, feel stronger, and a much better quality of life. Being in my 60’s, I look around at my friends who have so many aches and pains and am grateful that I can chase my grandchildren around the playground. Their expertise and training have helped me drop the weight and maintain my weight loss."   ― P. V.

  • "I had my first session and felt very comfortable with the staff. Everyone is friendly and not judgmental. Looking forward to a win-win relationship."   ― C. S.

  • "I love the one on one training. I also love the nutritional component. Everyone at the Poland location is very friendly. "   ― H. H.

  • "The trainers are awesome!!"   ― L. G. R. S.

  • "The customized workouts and accountability. Excellent trainers!"   ― A. S.

  • "They tailor the workouts for you. All of the trainers care about your progress and if you have a slip up they help you get back on track."   ― P. Y.

  • "Great trainers. Always a good workout with good conversations to go with the workouts, helps make the time go by faster. "   ― J. &. P. C.

  • "The one on one personal training. "   ― R. J.

  • "The best decision I ever made was making the phone call to Fitness Together!! The best investment you can make is for your health!"   ― P. V.

  • "They are personalized for each individual based on their goals and current situation or issues. It is a very positive environment that enhances both physical and mental health. The trainers are supportive and all have their own style which makes for a good variety of workouts. "   ― M. B.

  • "I like that it's individual and only 45 minutes. I also like the nutrition counseling"   ― E. M.

  • "Trainers are absolutely fantastic!"   ― K. G.

  • "The trainers and how they adapt the workouts to your specific needs "   ― A. S.

  • "Fitness Together has made me a better version of myself by giving me all the right tools, guidance, and encouragement."   ― P. V.

  • "The services are personalized to meet my specific needs. The staff/trainers are both friendly and professional. I love working out at FT!!"   ― M. B.

  • "Great trainers who push you to your limits, nice private environment"   ― A. S.

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