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New Year New Moments

Feb 26, 2019

With the new year in full swing, people are running around trying to achieve the fitness goals they desperately want. We’ve all seen it before: gyms that are packed beyond belief with folks shoulder-to-shoulder on treadmills; and then over time, they start to dwindle. What got in their way? Was it too stressful changing their habits? Did they make unachievable goals? Well, the problem is that making New Year’s resolutions is glorified as a moment where you gain this magical momentum to achieve whatever you want in a short amount of time. The reality is that many people are no

t prepared for a sudden change and the magic disappears. Whatever their story is, the outcome is the same and people end of disappointed.

The phrase “New Year, new you” has been used abundantly. The reason being: the human mind gets so caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle of routine that those things eventually start to define your identity. If you’re a person that has never considered fitness a priority, then changing those certain aspects can be challenging and sometimes it literally feels like you’re creating a new “you”. What makes it seem easier, however, is when you’re handed this societal tradition where everybody feels like they’re starting fresh and it’s “the right time to try”. It sounds great until you realize that you just got swept up in the illusion of change and maybe you didn’t quite get yourself in the right mindset. Instead of waiting for another year to roll around to try again, treat every moment like it’s your “New Year”.

If there’s honestly things you want to change about your fitness, then don’t wait until next year or next month or even the next day. Every time you find yourself thinking about doing something that would benefit your health, don’t say, “Well, I’ll start tomorrow because I’m too busy right now.” You’ll find out really quickly that there will always be things to get in your way. Instead, ask yourself whether or not there’s something you can do in the moment to take a step in the right direction. Let that first step be your momentum and not what the calendar says. Trying to better your health should be an ongoing, rewarding experience that’s just a part of life. It’s easy to feel discouraged when you fall off the wagon, but you have to brush yourself off and say that you’ll try again. Time doesn’t wait for anyone and you’ll become stressed out the longer you wait to become the person you envision. So instead of waiting for the clock to tell you it’s okay to start, run alongside time and act on your goals according to what will benefit your life from day-to-day.


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