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How to Fit Exercise into Your Busy Holiday Schedule

Nov 29, 2017

Shopping, cooking, family gatherings and much more are what define the holiday season. Your hectic schedule, combined with the fewer daylight hours and cold weather may result in workouts cut short or even skipped.

The holiday season is certainly full of cheer, but it also can include some stress and angst. Your fitness activity can go a long way during the holidays, it is how you can be sure to take care of yourself!

Here are a few tips to help your fitness schedule stay in tack during the holiday season;

  1. Plan ahead – Schedule your sessions in advance. If you have a holiday celebration to attend after work during what might be your regular session time, call or email us and we can help get you reschedule your session.
  2. Create new traditions – Take the family ice skating, sledding or sign up for a festival holiday 5K. Don’t just stand on the sidelines, join in the fun!!
  3. Multi-task – Are you headed to the mall? Squeeze in extra steps while you are there by doing some window-shopping first!

Make every movement count!


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