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Shovel Snow And DON't Suffer the Consequences

Jan 31, 2016

Does your back get stiff every time you shovel snow?

That could be because . . .

  • Your back is weak
  • You have poor posture
  • You have single side dominance in your shoveling.
  • There is too much snow in the shovel.

Do any of these sound or a combination of them sound familiar?

So how do you change it? Great question.


1. If you have a weak back work on strengthening the back muscles. Most people ignore (or don't know how) this aspect in their workouts. If you don't workout, you need to start. If you do workout, you may need to adjust your routine. Deadlifts and Cross Body Lifts could help.

2. Poor shoveling posture - use your legs to help you lift - not just your back. The body was designed to handle a load in the upright position not bent over. Bent over shoveling scoop after scoop is bound to hurt your back.

3. Single side dominance is when you throw the snow to one side - either only your right or only your left. It would help to alternate each scoop or do one section right handed and the other left handed. It may feel awkward on the one side but it is better to feel awkward for a couple minutes than have a sore back for a couple days.

4. Too much snow in the shovel will force you out of position. Take a smaller scoop so your body can handle it. And try pushing more and lifting less.


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