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Nutrition and Exercise Recommendations for Pregnant Women

Sep 28, 2015

Women who are pregnant will generally have to make several changes to their diet, but few changes to their exercise program. Good nutrition and healthy habits during pregnancy will optimize not only the mother’s health, but also the developing child’s health.

Each individual woman will have different responses, but some weight gain is recommended during pregnancy. It is also important that a mother consumes the recommended amount of calories, vitamins, and minerals appropriate for her and her trimester. There are also some foods to avoid during pregnancy including but not limited to raw eggs, undercooked fish/meat, and unpasteurized milk products.

If a woman is participating in an exercise program prior to becoming pregnant, she may continue that program into her pregnancy as long as she is feeling well. If there are no complications with the mother or child, exercise may be performed up until a woman goes into labor. If a woman is not currently participating in any exercise program, it is recommended that she incorporate at least 30 minutes a day of moderate-intensity physical activity during her pregnancy. A personal trainer can create a proper exercise routine if you are unsure of what exercise to do.

All these healthy habits create optimal health for the mother and her baby.


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