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Massage Therapy at Fitness Together

You Deserve It!

Nothing is better than a great massage!  At Fitness Together we believe that the body needs proper recovery to get stronger, and that massage therapy is a great way to spped up recovery.  We offer full 60 and 90 minute massages, and will tailor the massage to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a relaxing Swedish or hot stone massage, knot-busting deep tissue work, or a therapist assisted stretching session, we can accommodate!


Massage Techniques: I consider myself to be a “Body Mechanic.”  I utilize a combination of modalities to loosen fascia and lengthen and release muscles so that “knots” (trigger points) dissipate.  This restores blood flow to the affected area(s) enabling the client to have better range of motion and alleviation of pain.

My favorite type of bodywork: I prefer modalities that release fascia (connective tissue) and trigger points, restoring both blood flow and balance in the body.  This breaks the pain cycle and creates better range of motion and muscle stability.

What fitness and wellness means to me: I believe sound nutrition is the core of wellness.  There are many foods that cause inflammation in the body, causing painful muscles and joints.  Exercise is a critical component as well because without movement the body becomes stiff and sluggish.  It is also important to take time to just “be” with no planned work or activities so that both the mind and body have time to rest and decompress.

Why my clients feel better: My clients feel better because I customize therapy sessions to fit each and every client.  No matter what shape a person is in by taking “baby steps” we can achieve both physical and nutritional goals.  I teach clients to become mindful of posture and stress and the importance of stretching between sessions so that there is maximum benefit from massage.

How do I stay active: I love to hike!  I also work in my yard and have play time with my dogs.  I challenge myself in the gym to stay both strong and agile.

All first -time clients receive a $10 off discount and discounted packages are available as well.  You do not have to be a Fitness Together personal training client to get a great massage with us!

We take pride in having experienced, professional therapists. Our top notch therapist Alexa Pontius will take great care of you, guaranteed! 

"I would highly recommend taking time to have a massage with Alexa.  She really identifies problem areas and has helped me with my shoulder, left arm, and back.  I would never be where I am today if I had not booked multiple massages with Alexa.  You won't be'll just feel better!" - Henny Weissinger, FT Client