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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

Alexa Pontius LMT

"I would highly recommend taking time to have a massage from Alexa Pontius. She really identifies problem areas and hsa helped me with my shoulder, left arm, and back. I would never be where I am today if I had not booked multiple massages with Alexa. You won't be sorry, you'll just feel better!"

-Henny C. Weissinger

Scott and Mary Beth Townsend

Getting Younger

Scott and Mary Beth Townsend live life to the hilt. They love to travel, fish, cook, and experience the arts. However, when they were on their annual fishing excursion last year they discovered their bodies weren’t moving with the same spry nimbleness that they were used to enjoying. A commitment to fitness was not a high priority for them previously, but this experience caused them to make a change. Their son, Jack, has been training at Fitness Together for years and encouraged them to give personal training at try.

“Our son, Jack, has always spoken so highly of the trainers and the fact that they are so knowledgeable and really good at what they do.” -MBT

Since then they have both lost weight, increased their balance, agility, and mobility. Mary Beth has gone from hating exercise to never missing an appointment and working out twice per week on her own. Scott stays motivated by remembering he wants the results of all his hard work during an especially tough workout.


Pam getting ready to throw some punches!

Pam DeGraffenreid

Road to Recovery

Pam was recovering from two hip surgeries, but physical therapy was not addressing her overall needs and progression toward resuming her normal life. Her son told her about Fitness Together and how many people here were seeing a personal trainer to help them take the next step after physical therapy. Her goal was to get back to “normal”. Since February, Pam has not only achieved her goal, but has also started doing other activities she loves like Jiu Jitsu. She has also completely changed her diet and gotten her husband on board with living a healthier lifestyle overall.

She can bench press 40% more than when she started.

She has gained 2 inches of flexibility.

“When I started, I was still recovering from my surgeries. Now, I have no pain and no concerns about navigating everyday life..”


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Michelle Loves the Erg

Michelle Deville

Prioritizing Family Means Taking Care of YOU!

Michelle came to Fitness Together in January based on the research she had done for the best reviewed personal training. As a busy professional mom, time was an obstacle to her to achieve her goals in the past. She needed a trainer who would help her get stronger and understand the limits of golfer’s elbow and arthritis in her shoulder. She wanted to be able to carry her daughter without being in pain. She has been working with Nick the past 6 months and she has achieved her first two goals: pain relief, and getting stronger! Nick has also showed her some exercises she can take home to help her daughter with special needs.


“I’m not in pain anymore and I feel so much better.”

Katherine doing her Bicep Curls

Katherine Naugher

Katherine joined the FT community last October. Her long days at work had kept her from having the motivation and time to work out on her own despite being a member of various gyms in the past. She wanted to get in the habit of taking care of herself, so she decided to join PACK classes so her workouts became a priority appointment instead of an afterthought to her day. The trainers notice her hard work every time she comes in with a beaming smile. She has gotten stronger and has more energy for the day. She also has fresh confidence in herself. Yay, Katherine!


Her favorite “cheat food” is pizza

Her favorite exercise is anything TRX and MB slams

Her least favorite exercise is spin bike

The thing she hears most from her trainers is “you can do more weight than that.”

“I knew that I would be held accountable. I also like not having to think about my workout. I just show up and you all just tell me what to do.”- KN

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Working Hard!

Ken, KJ, and Brandon

Where the Boys Are

Three times per week the studio is a little noisier, perhaps a little more sweaty than normal. Pandora is playing 2000’s R&B and there are 3 guys competing their hardest to out-do each other.

Ken Parent started training at Fitness Together in 2011. He enjoyed his one-on-one sessions with a variety of trainers peacefully lifting weights. Then one day, he invited his recently graduated son and his best friend along and the training was brought to a new level. Naturally the boys, KJ and Brandon, turned everything into a competition. Over the years, they have kept up their strength from their days of playing college baseball. They get a new workout every time to challenge them, but their favorite things to work on are chest and abs with a little bit of cardio.

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Despite hating to sweat, Jan is faithful to warm up on the treadmill
Despite hating to sweat, Jan is faithful to warm up on the treadmill

Jan Kent

When Mama is happy Everybody is Happy

After devoting many years to raising 4 kids and putting her needs last it was time to do something for herself. She had enjoyed working with a personal trainer about 20 years ago, so she knew what she was looking for: a private setting, a convenient location, and knowledgeable trainers who could help her keep up with her athletic husband and teenagers.

Jan found all that and more at FT. Her trainer, Nick, wrote her programs and led her to meet her goals. Since August when she started she has lost almost 30lbs!! Not only has her strength and endurance increased but she has seen a positive difference in her overall energy and she has a better mood.

Some of her next goals are to hold a 5-minute plank, lose another 30 pounds, and eventually join her family participating in a 5k.

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Jeanie demonstrates Chair Pose.
Jeanie's newfound shoulder mobility allows her to perform Chair Pose!

Jeanie Sellars

It's never too late to change

Jeanie Sellars is the January athlete-of-the-month.  A little while ago when she lived in Greenville she was training under the supervision of a physical therapist to reduce her hip pain. She was also faithful to her 7am bootcamp class every weekend. When she moved to Knoxville her PT recommended she try out FT since we offer one-on-one training and could work within her limitations. With Rufus, a former marine, as her trainer she doesn’t miss out on the bootcamp experience. Over the last 5 months she has felt less pain as she is getting stronger and improving her posture. She can see an increase in flexibility, balance, and stamina. Her current goals are to continue her weight loss, minimize her SI pain, and get off of medications. We are proud of her accomplishments

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Justin warming up on the rower

Justin Goins

Justin Goins is a hardworking young man who became acquainted with FT first through his job delivering packages to us. Although he did not have any health problems at the time he knew he needed to change his life if he wanted to stay that way. He set a personal goal to lose 100lbs and seven months ago he walked through our doors to become part of the Fitness Together family. He joined a couple of PACK classes and was eager to learn from the trainers about nutrition. He committed to 2,000 calories per day and was faithful to exercise on his off-days.

The work was grueling at first, but his hard work PAID OFF. He is now down 100lbs from where he started and doesn’t plan on stopping.

His next goal is to get below 200lbs and be at 15% body fat.

He has also:

Jake Goza

Better Each Day

We at FT met Jake Goza October of 2015. He began PACK training and quickly made an impression on the trainers with his calm, yet ferocious approach to training. He worked hard at every exercise taking to heart all the cues that were given to him,

“Keep your back flat”, “push through your heels”, “Don’t give up in your mind.”

He relishes the challenge of a “Trainer’s Choice” workout that has him doing things he didn’t think he could do before. His workouts on his own lacked accountability, variety, and structure and he would end up quitting.

 Over the last year he has increased his strength and cardiovascular endurance. Even more importantly, he has changed his attitude about himself. He feels good where he is and is proud of accomplishments he has made so far.  He doesn’t feel like quitting any time soon, and we are here to help him reach his next goals!

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Charlie enjoys pumping iron

Charlie Spencer

Charlie Spencer is a busy professional who spends a lot of time traveling. He had aspirations to become more fit. He wasn’t unhealthy, however he had higher expectations of himself than the occasional run on the treadmill. He heard about Fitness Together through a friend and decided to give it a try. In May he joined the Fitness Together family and has been able to see improvements in the first few months. 

Lost 2.5% Body Fat

Gained 7lbs of muscle!

Doubled his pull-ups (now he can do 10 in a row)!

Gained 2 inches of flexibility

He can now bench press more than his body weight!

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Down 27lbs and 8.5inches in Chest/Waist/Hips
Nita smiles despite the BURN!

Nita Bozenbury

Fitness AND Nutrition, A Winning Combination

Last fall Nita decided to make a drastic change in her life. She had become somewhat of an online star with her singing videos, but she didn’t feel like her body represented the beautiful rocker she was. She felt tired all the time and lacked motivation.

     One day she decided she was tired of making excuses and made a change she would never regret. She changed her diet by eating clean, whole foods, and tracking her calories; the weight began to drop. She was motivated by her progress and knew the next step was to begin exercising. Her history with exercise had been negligible. " I made attempts to start a routine, but I had no structure and I easily gave up."

In January she became part of the Fitness Together family and for the first time she had somebody pushing her to her limits. Her body continued to change and she has lost 27 additional pounds so far. We are so proud of Nita’s dedication to nutrition and fitness.

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Ken enjoying a post-workout apple!

Ken Lowery

My Back Pain is Gone!

Ken Lowery is April 2016 client of the month

Three years ago Ken’s goals were simple: to be fit enough to keep up with his young boys. He was getting nowhere in the crowded health clubs with little guidance or accountability. It was too easy fall off the wagon. Then he came to Fitness Together, and he met his goals and more with the help of his personal trainers.

“My overall fitness level has increased greatly.”

One of the best results has been the elimination of his chronic back pain through therapeutic massage with Mandy and exercise programs built just for him. He has taken initiative with his boy’s fitness and started a backyard “Jedi Training Camp” to inspire them to be active. We are proud of Ken’s adventurous, curious, and eager spirit. 

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Barb McCarty

"If it were up to me I wouldn't work out the muscle groups I didn't enjoy."

Barb McCarty is the March 2016 Client of the Month.

Barb had worked out for years on her own and with a trainer before coming to Fitness Together 3 years ago. She was looking for more structure and accountability for her workouts and Fitness Together was a perfect match being so close to her neighborhood. She has noticed improvements in her core strength and muscle tone since starting. Now she enjoys bringing her daughters along for PACK class whenever she can, passing down a legacy of lifetime fitness. 

Her next goals are to improve her flexibility and get her upper body stronger. 

Way to go, Barb!

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Client of the Month -Feb 2015- Tom Plank

Tom Plank

Client of the Month 2015

-Body Fat % down by 7%*

-Increased 75 lbs on bench press*

-Lost 3' 1/2 in from waist!*


How long have you been training at FT and what were your goals when you started?

Since Aug 2011. Goals- to increase strength and overall conditioning

What other fitness programs did you try before?

DIY. Found out that if I got busy I would forego the workout also my workouts were more geared toward cardio

What obstacles prevented you from achieving your fitness goals?

No obstacles, just lack of commitment compared to my other obligations

Why did you train at FT?

Recommended by my wife Kathy and seeing her results

What are your most notable changes in you?

Stronger, more endurance. I have lost 18lbs in the last 20 weeks*, but that is from counting and limiting my calorie intake.

What are some current goals at FT?

Continue to get stronger and in better condition. To maintain and build muscle mass as I continue to lose weight down to 160 lbs.

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Chris after his first FT session
Chris Before
75 lbs. lighter and looking strong!
Chris After *

Chris Marion

75 Lbs. Lighter and Still Going!

"I wasn't sure I would be able to succeed at FT when I first started because of a poorly rehabilitated knee surgery resulting from a bicycle wreck.  But they gradually helped me get stronger, worked with me on my nutrition, and encouraged me to stay the course when I wanted to quit.  I'm proud to say that I've lost 76 lbs, 14% body fat, and have started biking again*.  Fitness Together has truly saved my life!"

Chris Marion, Producer of the Hallerin Hill Show, WOKI

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Andy Cunningham

A complete life changer!

Andy Cunningham is the 2014 July Client of the Month! When Andy became a client of Fitness Together, he wanted to take control of his health problems instead of his health problems taking control of him. He chose this facility because of the total approach. It was very appealing due to the accountability, nutrition aspect, flexibility, core, and cardio all being included. It was an overall approach to helping him take control.

Andy's main result has been in overall mobility; he even saw that after the first few sessions! He is also now able to wear pants that he could not fit into since 2010!* Along with the results Andy has seen, the trainers at this facility have seen an overall improvement in him. He seems more confident, comfortable, and certainly seems to be taking control.

Andy's encouraging stats!

-40 lbs lost*

-Almost 4% body fat lost*

-5.5 inches lost on waist!*

-Plank increased 39 seconds*

All of us here at Fitness Together are encouraged by the gains he has made. Andy is still working on his balance, motor skills, strength, and cardio as of right now. As Andy says,"if someone is willing to work out here at Fitness Together, they will get better!"

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Bruce and Traci after their workout

Bruce and Traci Gilliland

Getting Fit Together!

Bruce and Traci Gilliland are a great example of how fitness can become a family activity.  They both started training at Fitness Together in July 2011 and have truly embodied the lifestyle change that we strive for at FT!

Bruce: "I am a practicing optometrist specializing in low vision rehabilitation.  When not in the office, I enjoy time spent with my family swimming, biking, and playing golf. My other hobby is music - I sing in the choir at church and occasionally play the piano or organ.

When I decided to train at FT, my primary goal was to lose my belly fat gained over the past 20 years of no daily physical activity.  However I have come to realize that it is just not losing weight, but gaining physical endurance, strength, and most of all a mental attitude of what is necessary for better health.

Both my wife and I had tried the “usual" gym experience and failed because we had no one to push us. I found the FT idea to be a better option for us to have the "push" necessary. It provides us a way to help each other gain so much more out of each workout session.

Some of Bruce's improvements include: A drop of 3% body fat, resting heart rate has dropped from 88 to 62, improvement from 16 to 32 push-ups in one minute, increase of 70 lbs. on bench press, and a 64% improvement in hamstring and lower back flexibility*.

"Since starting, my pants don't fit any more, I sleep better, I have more physical energy, and I have muscles I never knew I had!  I really can run a mile and live to tell about it, and my resting heart rate is 28 beats per minute lower*!  I still want to lose more weight, and gain more strength and flexibility so I can live healthier, longer, and happier.

I have not stopped talking about my experience with people at work, church, and with my friends. I talk to my patients who are mostly seniors about the benefits of Fitness Together!

Traci: "I am a pharmacist working at a hospital.  I have two children that keep me busy!  Some of my "spare" time is spent helping with outreach programs/mission projects our church.  I also enjoy reading and being active outside with the family.

My main goal was to lose weight that I gained over my last two pregnancies when I decided to start training at FT.  My husband Bruce encouraged me to join with him - it has been the best experience to see each other getting healthier and setting and example for our kids.  Since starting I have noticed an improvement in endurance, strength, and I have dropped 14 lbs. I have learned that is a process, something I have to consider every day as far as what I eat and do for exercise."

Since starting Traci has: Lost 14 lbs. and 6% body fat, increased her cardiovascular endurance by 60%, improved her flexibility by 37%, and dropped 4.25 inches from her waist alone*!

"I want to continue to lose more weight and get stronger.  I want to make these lifestyle choices something that I just do naturally. I also need to take advantage of the massage that are included in my package! I have already told my co-workers how great the program is.  All the trainers continually motivate and push me way harder than I would ever do to myself - thank you!

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Joel working on the guns!

Joel Roettger

From Desk Jockey to Pull-Up Machine!

Meet Joel Roettger, our October 2011 Client of the Month!  Joel started training at FT about 1 ½ yrs. ago because “I wanted to get back in shape after years of sitting behind a desk.  I tried working out on my own but after a few weeks I couldn’t stick with it and lost my motivation – other programs just didn’t work for me.  I was too busy at work and needed motivation and accountability.  I liked the idea of having a program tailored toward me by trainers who understand my needs and goals and who will push me harder.  Since starting, I’ve noticed increased energy and endurance as well as an increase in overall strength and broader shoulders.

And Joel’s numbers don’t lie!

- Lost 3.5 % body fat*

- Increased from 25 to 49 push-ups*
From 2 to 17 pull-ups*
Resting heart rate is down by 11 beats/minute*

Joel and his wife (and FT client) just had a baby girl, and Joel intends to stay active and healthy as she grows up.  He also hopes to increase his bench press weight and his flexibility moving forward.  Based on his effort and gains so far, there’s no doubt he will do it!

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Emily Vreeland

September Client of the Month

Our FT- Northshore client of the month for September is Emily Vreeland.  She wears many hats, including mother, grandmother, wife, and clinical social worker. And she is the youngest 71 year old you will ever meet!

"I started training at Fitness Together not only to lose weight and feel good, but I wanted to be able to keep up with my two grandsons.  I tried a big gym but it was too loud, noisy, and crowded.  I like the privacy, convenience, and the concept of FT".

Since Emily has started training at Fitness Together - Northshore, not only has she changed her body, she has changed her lifestyle.  Here are a few of the improvements she has made:

- Lost 21 lbs and went from XL to medium gym shorts*

- Increased Cardio Endurance by 63%*
Has gone from 12 to 31 push ups in one minute*
Increased flexibility and balance*

"Since starting at FT, I have taken on new activities like snow skiing, kayaking, and hiking. I ran my first 5K ever because I had a team of trainers and clients that motivated me to do it with them. I still want to lose a few more pounds and continue to stay healthy and fit.  My friends and family tell me I look great, my doctor is happy with my results, and I feel more confident about myself!"*  

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Jacob Lowe

140 lbs. lost...and counting!

     I’ve always been a heavy set person, about the last time I was a “normal” size was when I was a child.  I tried to lose some weight during high school, but it didn’t take and I went through the rest of high school and college on a downward spiral. In April of ’10, I had a motorcycle accident that put me up for a month where I gained an extra 30-40 lbs.  I went to the doctor to get a check up and I stepped on the scale.  I was astonished, 360 lbs.  I had hit my rock bottom.

     Fitness Together - Northshore was my outlet to freedom from my old self.  When I started, my fundamentals of health were completely backwards and, thankfully, FT offers a complete program through weight training, cardio, and nutritional instruction.  After 8 months of coaching, monitoring my food intake, and thorough training, I have managed to lose over 100 lbs.*  As of this day, I have lost over 140 lbs* and I am well on my way to a new healthy lifestyle.  Without the thorough programs and helpful trainers from Fitness Together, I definitely would not be where I am today.

 - Jacob

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Michael West

Michael West is our March 2010 client of the month. Since starting at Fitness Together - Northshore last September, Michael’s overall health and fitness level has improved significantly.

Specifically, some of Michael’s improvements include a weight loss of fifteen pounds, a ten percent decrease in body fat, and an increase in push ups from five to fifty-five in one minute.* He has also gotten much stronger on his bench press, improving by 70% the amount of weight he can press for ten repetitions.*

Overall, Michael has lost 7.25 inches to date!*  Michael credits his accomplishments to the Fitness Together methodology.  He likes the private setting, the one on one attention, and how client feedback about likes and dislikes is incorporated into the workouts.  Training by appointment has kept him accountable to the plan and his results have kept him motivated.  But when asked what he likes the best so far, he will tell you that it’s the fact that he is down 2 to 4 sizes in his pants* and his overall energy level has increased.  This will make it much easier to keep up with his new daughter in the years to come!

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Will West

Sports Talk host's life changing transformation story