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Cholesterol - What it Is and How to Control It

Hannah Summerfield, M.S. Sep 3, 2018 Nutrition

September is National Cholesterol Education Month. Do you know what your cholesterol levels are and what they should be?  Here are a few pointers to make sure you're informed about cholesterol and that you're taking the steps you should to keep your levels in a healthy range and protect your heart for years to come!

An Apple a Day...

Sarah Watkins Oct 6, 2017 Nutrition

Our very own fitness and nutrition and fitness guru Sarah Watkins brings you monthly tips on how to use everyday foods to help improve your health, contro your weight, and reach your goals!

Cabbage - it's not Just for St. Patty's Day anymore!

Sarah Watkins Feb 27, 2017 Nutrition

Looking for somehting difernt to add into into the dinner menu rotation?  Look no further, cabbage is here!

Chocolate Therapy!

Sarah Watkins Jan 31, 2017 Nutrition

"Chocolate is cheaper than therapy and you don't need an appointment!" - Unknown

Owner Corner: Owning a Fitness Together Franchise

May 22, 2019 Fitness Tips

Fitness Together offers a unique opportunity to open a personal training studio under a well-respected brand name with an incredible amount of support and guidance. To find out what it’s like to be a franchise owner with Fitness Together, we spoke to Holly Tamm, long-time owner of two studios, located in Mequon and Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin.

The Importance of Strength Training for Senior Citizens

May 15, 2019 Fitness Tips

Gone are the days of thinking that when you reach a certain age you need to slow down your activity levels. In fact, now we know that senior citizens who are active and who exercise regularly are staying healthy, happy, functional and mobile for much longer than those who aren’t. 

Five Healthier Pantry Swaps You Can Make This Month

May 8, 2019 Fitness Tips

Spring is in full effect, so hopefully, you’ve begun the process of spring cleaning your home and life — and don’t forget the kitchen. One great place to do a spring cleaning is your pantry. Here are five swaps you can make to ensure you’re taking the rights steps toward a healthier diet at home.

How Exercise and Nutrition Support Your Mental Health

May 1, 2019 Fitness Tips

In honor of National Mental Health Awareness Month in May, it’s time to talk about the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle that go far beyond what your body looks like — the benefits that support your mental well-being.

Five Ways to Get Your Cardio Done Outdoors this Spring

Apr 17, 2019 Fitness Tips

Spring is in the air, and that means it’s time to get outside and get your heart-rate up with some classic cardiovascular exercising. We think the following methods of movement in the sunshine will be a breath of fresh air for your fitness routine and will be fun too.

Trainer Corner: The Low Down on Cardio

Apr 10, 2019 Fitness Tips

Love it or hate it, cardio, or “cardiovascular exercise,” is an integral part of a training program. But how much should you do? When should you do it? And what should you be doing?

To get the answers to these age-old questions, we spoke to Jeremy Savaet, a lead trainer with Fitness Together Poland, in the Youngstown area of Ohio.

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