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Meet Our Personal Trainers

Why Our Trainers Love FT too!

Oct 11, 2016

Fitness Together® is the premier, 1-on-1 personal training company. We offer a truly customized approach to fitness for our clients. We employ the best personal trainers in the industry. Our expert personal trainers give clients the accountability they need, and the privacy...

FT-Northborough Client Kim Santana

North Grafton

Jun 26, 2015

In just 12 weeks, Kim lost 15 pounds, 4.5% body fat, 4.75 inches in her waist and 3.5 inches in her hips!

FT-Northborough Client Cheryl Baker


Apr 7, 2015

"I Lost 7 lbs, reduced 2.5% of Body Fat and increased muscle tone in my arms and abs!" Cheryl's loves her new body! She did very well. We asked when she was this low in weight and felt and looked this good. She said " it was before she had kids, about 10 years...

FT-Northborough Client - Erin Barrell - Teacher


Sep 16, 2014

She lost 20 pounds!

Max James 14 years old

Northborough, MA

May 3, 2014

Max FT-Northborough Client is 14 years old, he lost 17% of Body Fat and 4.25 inches off his waist. Great Job Max!

Joe Barrel - Executive


Feb 7, 2014

In 6 weeks Joe lost 15 pounds 3.5% body fat and more...

FT-Northborough Client - Peg Walcott 82 years old with Otto & Willy!

Berlin, MA

Nov 11, 2013

" I recommend Fitness Together of Northborough to anyone. It's a great place!"

FT Northborough Client Kevin O'Brien - Financial Adviser

Lost 24 pounds and 3" off my waist!

Nov 9, 2013

Mike Ribaudo of Northborough - Engineer at American Tower

Oct 26, 2013

"I lost 20 pounds, 4 inches off my waist, from size 38" to 34". I reduced my body fat by 7%. I have more energy and I do 40 push ups!"

Debra Parsons of Shrewsbury - School Nurse

Oct 26, 2013

"You deserve it! Do it for yourself it's for your health, it's for your life! It's the best decision that I ever made" She is 48 years old, married mother of 3 teens. She is a school nurse. In 12 weeks she lost 16 pounds, 15" all over her body.

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