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Fitness Together ‘One client, one trainer, one goal’ philosophy

Fitness Together ‘One client, one trainer, one goal’ philosophy

Fitness Together Northborough

Photo/Angela Greiner

Owner of “Fitness Together” in Northborough Brandon Cloutier spots Stephen Georgeson Pastor of R.I.C.E. Memorial Baptist Church during the weight-lifting session of his regular workout.

By Angela Greiner

Community Reporter

Northborough - With over 20 years in the fitness industry, Brandon Cloutier, the owner of “Fitness Together” located at 300 Main St. in Northborough, knows how to get his clients results. FT clients’ line up to give testimonials, which Cloutier said is a result of helping people set goals and then creating an individualized plan that they are held accountable to.

Client Patricia Bigelow said that when she was turning 60, she was panic stricken, so she turned to Fitness Together to drop a few pounds. Her birthday behind her, she said she more than surpassed her expectations, shedding more than 20 inches and dropping from a size 8 to a size 2.

“I was horrified at how unfit I was,” Bigelow said. “… Now I feel great and I can eat so much more than I could ever eat before.”

Cloutier explained that his team of highly experienced personal trainers not only develops a personalized fitness training plan that combines the latest in cardiovascular and resistance training, but they also educate clients about the importance of diet and lifestyle changes.

Wanda Moody, who has lost over 66 pounds in the past nine months, said that Fitness Together has helped her make a complete lifestyle change.

“I have tried so many other things, I thought it was out of my reach,” Moody said. “They [at Fitness Together] told me I would do it. They were nonjudgmental. We set a six-week goal and I had to believe them.”

With clients ranging from college athletes in training to senior citizens trying to keep their medication at a minimum, Fitness Together “one client, one trainer, one goal” philosophy brings results to the community every day.

“It’s about more than helping people transfer their physical image. In many cases people are struggling with a multitude of health problems and it just transforms their life,” Cloutier said. “I just get so excited to know I am helping people reach their goals.”

For more information visit them online at or call 508-393-1660

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