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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

Analida Munera

School Principal and Traveler

Joan Rasool

Mother, Grandmother, and One of Our First 10 Clients

"When I joined Fitness Together, I didn’t know anything about personal trainers and thought FT might be a boutique gym for the already fit and wealthy. However I wanted to be able to pick up my young grandsons (all four of them) and not injure my back, so I held my breath and made an appointment. Three years later I realize that FT is the perfect place for someone like me, and it has made all the difference! I am stronger, healthier, less stressed and more fit than ever before. While my words sound like clichés, the simple truth is that on my own, I would not exercise in any consistent, strength building way. However, what I am very good at is keeping appointments. So even if I don’t feel like training one day, I still go, and I always feel better. I don’t love to exercise, but I love the way I feel because I do exercise regularly. And I enjoy the staff and holistic philosophy I find at FT. I am delighted that “Get into Shape” is no longer one of my hollow New Year’s resolutions."*

Cailyn McDermott

Auditor, Certified Public Accountant and fitness enthusiast

After finishing graduate school in Boston last summer I bought a home and found employment in Western MA. Being new to the area, I began exploring what the Valley has to offer - in addition to great art, food, and entertainment I began hiking. I have always been very athletic, having played soccer for most of my life, but I quickly found that my "standard" training routine, which was heavily dominated by cardio, didn't cut it. I needed to work more on balance and flexibility. It's amazing to me how these two simple strengths can impact overall performance.

What I loved most when I was playing soccer was working as a team; we won and lost together. I've been training at FT now for more than a year and I still get to enjoy that. We develop goals together and with the trainers' encouragement and expertise and my hard work we reach them.*

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John Hentz

Graphic artist, father and martial artist

I'm a married father of two teenagers and I work as a graphic artist--so my schedule can be a little hectic. I have practiced martial arts for years and wanted to ramp up my work to get back to my best fighting form. Following Fitness Together's nutrition guidelines and training program, specifically tailored to my needs, I reached my goal in just over four and half months. I lost 35 pounds and went from a 38 inch to a 32 inch waist!*

I feel more fit at 50 than I have in my entire life!*

Gayle Pemberton

Professor and strong woman

I teach American Literature at Mt. Holyoke College. I've always had a regular exercise regime, whether running on the track or doing cardio machines in the gym because I have one of those tough bodies: I can gain weight by looking at food and it takes months to undo that glance.

When I saw the Fitness Together window for the first time, I was intrigued, but I knew that I didn't have time. At that time, I had a long daily commute. After a bout with pneumonia I knew I needed to get stronger and start working closer to home. On to Fitness Together.

My experience has been terrific. The training staff is superb! These people know their jobs. They understand my tough body and have helped me to make it stronger. I've lost weight, gained strength and confidence in my appearance. Why, a woman I hadn't seen in over a year called my name in the grocery -- not sure it was me. "Gayle," she said, "you're a shadow of your former self."

Now that felt really, really good.*

Kate Glynn

Local business owner, Fitness Together devotee

I have never considered myself to be particularly athletic. In high school I was involved with the arts. Then I worked for a camp and spent my days hiking and running around after children. I’ve never been unhealthy but fitness has never been the focus of my life; I didn’t avoid exercise but didn’t seek it out.

I’m now the owner of two retail stores in downtown Northampton and couldn’t be busier. There is always something left to do on my desk or a meeting to attend so making myself find the time to exercise is a challenge. I have learned that if it’s not on my calendar, it’s not going to be a priority. That’s why I love the structure of the appointments and the individual attention at FT. I know that I am in more that capable hands and that I will get the workout that my body needs—be it high intensity or, if I’m drained from a long week, a slower paced but no less effective session. The trainers know that my life is demanding and always support me in finding time and ways to get in the workout. They know just how much to push and challenge me. I spend my life meeting the needs of my customers but at FT, I never have to compromise getting my needs met.

This summer, thanks to FT, I am training for my first triathlon and for the first time in my life, consider myself an athlete.*

Cheryl Relihan

English Teacher and Fitness Competitor

For the first thirty-eight years of my life, I was under the misconception that being fit was merely a number on a bathroom scale. And, like most women who struggle with their weight, as the numbers on my scale grew higher my self-esteem dropped lower. The thought of walking into a gym terrified me until my sister suggested Fitness Together in Northampton. It was the best decision I have ever made regarding my health. Now, instead of relying on a number to determine my self-worth, I look at my increased energy level, my ability to set and reach fitness goals, and most importantly, the smile I see every time I look in the mirror. The one-on-one training at Fitness Together along with the staff’s genuine commitment to me as a whole person has changed my life dramatically.

Three years ago I would never have thought of putting on a bathing suit. Today, I’m getting ready for my first fitness competition. With the help of Fitness Together, I have learned that being fit is not simply a number on a bathroom scale, but a way of life.*

Joy Ovitt

Mother, Salon owner and FT Believer

I’m a 31 year old Mom, Wife, and Salon owner. I work full time on top of taking care of the kids, house and my business. I came across FT when my husband and I went out to eat at Eastside grill. We had a window seat and noticed the sign and someone running on the treadmill. After we ate, my husband suggested going over and checking the place out. I left there with an appointment.

I started at FT in February of 2009. I decided it was time for me. I started there wearing a size 14. Now almost seven months later I’m a size 6.* I love my new body and couldn’t have done it without the help from the FT team. I can now enjoy playing and running around with my kids without having to “take breaks”. Since I have been going they have introduced me to so many new things that I thought I could have never done. I used to hate running and now I can’t wait to go!

One of the things FT has taught me was how to take the time for myself, and that it was ok to do so. I have made many new friends and sincerely enjoy my time working out. Thank you FT, you’re the BEST!*

Larry Hunt

HR Professional and training advocate

I joined Fitness Together soon after moving here from California a few years ago. I had just started an exciting but demanding job as an HR Director at a local college, and with all the stress of moving and getting established in a new place, I had packed on some extra pounds and felt really out of shape. The staff at Fitness Together helped to turn my life around in so many ways. I lost weight, developed core strength and balance, and felt healthier, and younger.

The one on one approach made all the difference to me. The workouts can be tough after a day at work, but the training team are terrific, dedicated people who know how to encourage and motivate you.

Joining Fitness Together has been one of the best investments I've ever made!*

Mary Delphia

“The trainers at FT have given me the motivation to exercise daily which I hadn’t done in years because everything hurt so much I didn’t want to move. Now with Fitness Together’s help I am on the move again and enjoying life. I only wish everyone who feels it’s just too late to get in shape would have this wonderful opportunity”*

Tary C., Amherst

"Thank you all for helping me achieve my goals. Last August, my long-term goal was to incorporate fitness into my everyday lifestyle. I was sedentary, overworked, stressed-out, and generally flabby and unmotivated.

Over the course of the past year--and particularly the past 8 weeks--you have supported and encouraged me, and you have given me the tools to take my fitness goals into my own hands. I am now 4 inches smaller, 10 pounds lighter, have 3% less body fat, and I am 150% HAPPIER!* I look at myself in the mirror and instead of wanting to cry, I bubble up with laughter! My clothes are too big! My husband thinks I'm hotter than ever! But best of all--I feel like I'm 10 years younger. I can actually say that I WILL run a 5k--half marathon--maybe even a marathon--someday soon! I love, love, love my new body! I'm fitter and stronger now at age 43 than I've ever been in my entire life.

I could not have done it without you. Fitness Together has been a huge part of my life and pivotal in my transformation. I can't thank you enough.

You are fantastic--and what you do really does make a difference.*

Big Love!
Tary C.


Susan Everett

When I decided to retire, my first goal for my “new life” was to get healthy and fit. So my gift to myself was Fitness Together, which turned out to be one of the best choices I have ever made! Within a few months I had lost more than 30 pounds and regained the energy I had when I was decades younger. The amazing thing was that it was actually FUN doing all the hard work I had to put in to move toward my goal. The trainers are wonderfully supportive and so much fun to be with that they make a session of hard work truly enjoyable. They have a huge variety of exercises they can vary at will and are great at working with injuries and individual needs. They seem to know just how hard to push and just what to do with whatever my needs are on any particular day. I LOVE going there. And I love what going there has given me. I can fit into my “skinny clothes,” keep up with my two year old grandson, work for hours digging, chopping and planting in my yard, lift things I couldn’t have lifted before, walk up steep hills without having to stop and rest, dance through the whole concert, and play long sets of tennis with my younger tennis buddies. I feel so energized and so happy with where I am in my life. This is no ordinary gym. This is personal training at its best. Thank you Fitness Together!!!!*


May 21, 2018 by C. M.
I am so comfortable there. The trainers are great and always responsive to any issues with my body (sore muscles, strained fingers, etc.). They challenge me every time I come in but are willing to change an exercise when I say I cannot do that and give them a reason.


I'm really pleased with the professionalism of your trainers, the custom approach they take, and the variety of each session. I'm already realizing benefits, particularly in my back area. and look forward to much personal improvement in the weeks ahead. I was somewhat skeptical about working with personal trainers due to the expense and my perception that my limitations were age-related. Now, after just six sessions, I'm a believer and realize I cannot afford NOT to do this!*

Thanks for being there...

R.B., Amherst

The professionalism of ALL trainers; the fact that they never make me feel self-conscious about my level of fitness; the fact that I am ALWAYS treated with dignity, not only as a client but as an individual; the fact that I experience genuine concern about any "special circumstances" that may affect my training and their goals on my behalf.*

Skip Klepacki

Father, Entrepreneur, and Outdoors Enthusiast