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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results.

(Steve Weeks explains why he chose Fitness Together and the value of our program)

(Dave Mc Donald - Life long runner talks about the value of resistance training and Fitness Together)

David Blais
David 84lbs lighter
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David Blais

My life has changed in just 6 Months! Thanks to Fitness Together!

My journey with Fitness Together started with a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes. Not long before I was diagnosed I had completed a Physical Fitness assessment at my physicians office performed by Mark Carrier of Fitness Together Norfolk. As I expected, I did not perform very well on the assessment.

I was  49 y.o. and weighing in at nearly 300 lbs.  I was leading a completely sedentary lifestyle. I had terrible eating habits dominated by fast food and a complete lack of portion control.  My list of medical problems included high cholesterol, asthma, sleep apnea requiring sleeping with a CPAP machine, and arthritic knees. The Type 2 Diabetes was the last straw.

I contacted Mark at Fitness Together and told him I was ready to sign up. That was in March of 2013. Now nearly 6 months later Fitness Together has changed my life forever. I cannot say enough about my experience there.

At my first visit they completed an even more in depth fitness assessment with me, discussed my goals, and paired me with a personal trainer who designed a program of strength and cardio training to meet my goals. They also provided me with basic nutritional information to help me establish a healthy change in my eating habits. Having purchased my training sessions in advance added additional motivation.

The staff is always friendly and welcoming. They have demonstrated excellent flexibility with scheduling. Water and towels are provided for every workout and the facilities are always clean and well organized. My trainer, Kai Rossbach, has been outstanding. He is a wealth of knowledge and provides just the right amount and kind of motivation. He challenges me and pushes me to stretch my limits. He is always ready to modify my workout when my aching knees don't want to cooperate. I have now lost 70 lbs in the 6 months* that I have been at Fitness Together and I am within 20 lbs of reaching my goal weight.

I have reversed the Type 2 Diabetes and do not require any medication for it.*  Additionally I have been able to stop taking my cholesterol medication and my sleep apnea has dramatically improved.* I have not had to use my asthma inhaler one time since I began exercising.* I am deeply indebted to Mark, Marti, and their staff, especially to Kai, for all of their efforts on my behalf. I am changed forever.  My outlook on diet and exercise will never be the same. I am a convert and so much of the credit belongs to Fitness Together. Thank you guys so much!!

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Robert Roman

“Fitness together is one of the best things that has happened to me…..   I have been able to lose over 50 pounds since February 2013.*   The training has helped me  keep my body strong and active, and  the staff and other clients participate in encouraging each other and providing  motivation.  Mark is right,  Fitness together is not like any other gym.  Fitness Together provides the environment to help you achieve your goals. They really care.   In a world where our careers can take precedence  over our lives,  Fitness has helped me keep "my fitness life" in balance.  Thank you! 


Robert G. Roman

Decorum Furniture

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Karen Clifford

There are so many great things to say about Fitness Together -- I don’t know where to begin!  At the end of last year I was unhappy with my weight, frustrated with how tightly my clothes were fitting, and struggling with hurting knees.  Spending lots of hours working behind a desk, eating out often, and being a non-athlete (aka couch potato) had led to my gradual weight gain.  When my physician warned me that I needed to exercise and lose some weight to avoid having to take medications for my rising blood pressure and cholesterol level, I decided it was time to make a change.  I signed up for a fitness evaluation with Mark at my physician’s office and was excited about the possibility of working one-on-one with a trainer who would help me meet my goals of losing weight and improving my overall strength and fitness.

I have always been a spectator -- never an athlete.  I like to dance and took classes in ballet, ballroom, aerobics and jazzercise at various times in my life, but bad knees had become a significant limitation for me.  I was totally intimidated at the thought of working out at a gym where it seems like most people are fit and know how to use the equipment.  Fitness Together could not be a more perfect fit for me!  During the past 8 months I have worked closely with several trainers who have developed appropriately challenging exercise/workout plans tailored to my ability/fitness level (taking into account the limitations posed by my knee issues).  In the first few months of my program, my trainers coached me through their nutrition plan, monitored my food journals, encouraged me about eating the right foods, and tracked my consistent weight loss!  Since last December I have changed my eating habits significantly and lost 20 pounds and 2 pant sizes.* More importantly, I’m stronger, have more energy, healthier eating habits, lower blood pressure and “bad” cholesterol, and have a new appreciation for exercise!  I’m eternally grateful to Ashley, Andrea, and Jessica for their limitless enthusiasm, patience, and support!

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Mari Hurd

I really look forward to my sessions at Fitness Together. The staff seems like family to me and our commitment to my good health and well being has paid off for me physically and mentally. Ultimately each individual is responsible for their life choices. Partnering with Fitness Together is one of the best decisions I have ever made! I have improved my cardio, lost inches*, gained lean muscle mass and strength along with lowering my LDL cholesterol more than 24%*!!!! WINNING!!!!!

WOW! I have been training at Fitness Together since August 2010. It is hard for me to believe that more than three years have flown by!! I truly look forward to my gym time. The staff are true professionals – dedicated to a realistic approach to fitness and more importantly, a good experience on ones journey to health and well being. My trainer, Kai Rossbach, is more of a health and lifestyle coach rather than just a personal trainer. We set and meet weekly and monthly fitness/nutritional goals. NO EXCUSSES!!!! I am a 53 year old female and frankly, I am in the best shape of my life…..thanks to Kai. He is kind and considerate, but firm as well. If I struggle with an exercise or form, he introduces a modification, until I can master the single exercise or circuit.  My workouts are tailored to my specific needs and goals. We work together on strength, balance, cardio, flexibility.....it’s all there.

 I urge you to give Fitness Together a call. You won’t be sorry.

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Betsy Williams

“I went to check out Fitness Together in March 2012, the first day they opened their Great Bridge location. I had gained a lot of weight in recent years and had become very sedentary. As a result I was experiencing a lot of pain and stiffness just walking. I had assumed that age was the cause, and I had almost resigned myself to having to live with arthritis and other joint issues for the rest of my life. The initial training session was fun! My trainer led me through a variety of exercises that pushed me a little, but were definitely do-able. Marti explained how the Fitness Together program would help me to set goals for myself and work with me through a customized exercise and nutrition program, I was excited, and I signed up on the spot. 

In 6 months, I lost 40 lbs* and gained strength and flexibility I did not think was possible. I am no longer in pain, and look and feel like a new person. I have met my initial weight loss goal-and even lost another 10 lbs.  I continue to work out with my trainer at Fitness Together because it keeps me on track. Could I do this on my own? Maybe. Would I do this on my own? Probably not. The money and time I spend at Fitness Together is worth it, because I am worth it”.

Betsy Williams

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Mark Warden

My name is Mark Warden and I began working with a personal trainer at Fitness Together in December 2009. When I first went to Fitness Together I was like your typical professional in their forties. I was working hard, focusing on my family and clients but neglecting myself. Within the first 6 months I lost 25 pounds* and never looked back. I am very appreciative of Mark and Marti and the Fitness Together team. One-on-one training in the privacy of Fitness Together’s studio suite helped me get back in shape and improve my health.   I encourage everyone to visit Fitness Together. They will customize a plan specifically for you, work with your busy schedule, and partner you with a certified fitness coach who is experienced and professional. Thanks to Fitness Together I’m in the best shape of my life and maintaining.

Mr. Warden, Principal & Portfolio Manager at Wilbanks, Smith & Thomas

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Mark and Marti

As a 39-year-old mother of 4, I had become sedentary in life. I was living life through my children from the sidelines of their sporting events. I was suffering from high cholesterol, anemia, pain in my knees, and constant pain and swelling in my left leg from a surgery I had to repair a broken fibula two years prior.  At my last physical, my doctor told me that my weight classified me as obese and that I needed to get my weight in check. 

OK…So losing weight was nothing I was a stranger to. I had done it several times through diet only to put the weight back on a few months later.  So I set out to lose some weight. I dropped the first 25 lbs or so effortlessly and then hit that same brick wall I had always hit. I was eating right and briskly walking 4 miles a day on a treadmill.  The thought of increasing my exercise seemed impossible since I was still having constant leg and knee pain. So I went back to my doctor and she strongly suggested that I seek the help of a personal trainer to help lose the weight and build up the muscles in my leg. 

I had been seeing the ads for FT for many months only to read them and throw them away. So I decided to give FT a try. I was paired with a trainer, Angela Montoya.  I don’t really think that I truly expected much because other things I had tried sure didn’t work or help for long.  I expected this would just be another phase in my life. Looking back now, the doubts I had were in myself and I am proud to admit I couldn’t have been more wrong. 

What I have come to realize is that I am capable of a lot more than I gave myself credit for. Since the day I began FT I have lost 30 lbs and over 33 inches total.* Since I began my weight loss from day one, which is just over a year now, I have lost a total of 58 lbs and 62 inches total.* Angela and the FT team have helped me to become an active participant in life again and not just an observer as it passes me by.  Through much sweat and hard work with the encouragement of FT I feel stronger and more capable than I ever have. I no longer have any pain or swelling in my leg and my knees feel a lot better. I have dropped my body fat by almost 10%* and increased my physical endurance and capabilities in tremendous amounts. Every day that I show up to a workout, I receive the guidance that I need to succeed but also a sounding board for any frustrations that I may be experiencing, Every trainer I have encountered at FT truly cares about helping each client succeed by reaching their full potential.  I am extremely grateful to the FT team and my trainer for unlocking the potential in me and for helping me to get back into the game. I will never again doubt the power of “One Client, One Trainer, One Goal.” Thanks a million! 


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David Sullivan

Can't say enough about what Fitness Together has done for me. I've been working with them for over a year. Great staff, friendly and customized plans for each client. My current trainer is Daniel and he has helped me get super results over the past six months.* I have worked with most of the staff and they are all great. Mark and Marti have built a fine team. I highly recommend you let them change your life. - David Sullivan

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Alex Proaps

When I started grad school a few years ago, I let my health take a backseat to everything else. My schedule was hectic, I had a difficult time managing my time and didn't cook as much as I used to. I ended up gaining about 40 pounds and was feeling pretty down. In January of 2011, I decided to make some changes, to lose weight, get healthier, and to change my diet. I started coming to Fitness Together in February of 2011. In the beginning, I wanted to come temporarily to get motivated and to learn new exercises. Daniel was my first trainer and he really pushed me and motivated me to stick with it even though it was so tough those first few weeks. Within the first six months, I had lost 30 pounds and was stronger than I had ever been.* Before grad school, I was healthy and did yoga, but I was not as strong because I had never done weight lifting. I train with Marieta now and she continues to push me and motivate me to set goals and get stronger. I've maintained my weight and keep coming back because I enjoy my experience here. I would never push myself as hard as the trainers push me in one on one sessions. Each trainer has his or her own style and background, so no matter who you work out with, you will have a great workout and will learn a lot of new things. I also love doing PACK sessions because as a group we really motivate each other and care about each other's happiness and health.






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Kimberly Zivkovich

After years and years of yo-yo dieting and excuses, I knew there had to be a better way.  Fitness Together and its entire staff not only works with you to reach your goals and provides an environment where you can succeed, but makes you want to keep coming back with their enthusiasm and positivity.  The one-on-one training is geared toward my level, yet challenging, and takes the guesswork out of figuring out if you doing the exercises properly.  Going to the gym is not something I dread anymore, but now an essential part of my day and something I look forward to.  I am now stronger, healthier, and happier from "1 Client, 1 Trainer, 1 Goal".*    

Kimberly Zivkovich

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Diane Scullion


For anyone who is interested in feeling better, looking better, becoming healthy again, being more confident, and, of course, losing a lot of weight, Fitness Together is the place to go.  Since beginning my experience with FT in August of 2009, I have lost over 30 inches and 36 pounds.*  I increased my Senior citizen fitness ranking from 24 to 68 and feel great. I will never regret my time well spent with this wonderful firm.

The abundance of different equipment, the learning experience of how everything works, especially on your body, and the presence of an accomplished trainer at all times, is much more than I expected.  I've been to other exercise facilities previously, but never one-on-one.  What a difference!  Anyone can show you how a piece of equipment works, but when they exercise along with you, it's so much encouragement for you to keep trying. 

Most of my time at FT has been spent with Marti, my trainer.  She is so easy to talk with, makes every new move interesting (even if some are much more fun than others), and gives you something to look forward to on days that you feel like, "Oh, I just don't want to exercise today."   I have so enjoyed my experience with FT.

Thanks, Fitness Together.


Diane Scullion

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Aidith Carrera

Fitness Together has been a staple in my health and fitness regimen for over 3.5 years! I not only met but exceeded my fitness goals within the first year* and have continued to surprise myself with their help. As an officer in the armed forces, I always score an 'outstanding' in my biannual physical readiness tests.

The entire staff at FT are warm, inviting, and supportive; and all the trainers are highly motivating. They even exceeded my expectations when I announced my pregnancy. My trainer is constantly researching and educating us both on proper exercise during pregnancy, making it fun and, most of all, safe! I am now in my third trimester and have continued working out and feeling great (and very comfortable) throughout the whole pregnancy!* I know that bouncing back after my delivery will also be a breeze with the help of Fitness Together and their knowledgeable staff. It is indeed priceless!


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Kelly Andrews

As a twenty-five year old I was in a critical car accident that mangled my legs and led to twenty surgeries in two years.  The last surgery was a below the knee amputation.  As a thirty-five year old I decided it was time to claim my body back, after gaining weight from what became a sedentary lifestyle.  I chose Fitness Together not only because of the personal training but the privacy provided by the structure of the gym.  I was paired with my trainer Mike who has provided multiple challenges and exercises that have allowed me to lose 58 pounds and 52 inches in eight months.*  Over half way to my goal of obtaining a healthy body Mike continues to provide support and structure that I take with me daily, as I have made a lifestyle change.  Mike has been more than considerate of my handicap needs along the way.   As my body shrank do to weight loss, my prosthetic needed an adjustment that took a month.  During this time Mike made adjustments to my training that allowed me to continue to be challenged and loose the unwanted inches and pounds.*  I am grateful that I found a place where the entire staff is friendly and supportive, while working with a trainer who has encouraged me and consciously thought about my physical needs.  

Kelly Andrews


If I weren't coming to Fitness Together I would not follow a regular strength training regime. Since I have been coming to FT, almost 2 years, I see a big improvement in my core and upper body strength.*

Jean Pattenaude

Dear Mark and Marti,

When I started going to Fitness Together 6 months ago my original goal was to lose weight, tone up and then try to maintain at home. The pounds started melting away and each week I noticed myself getting stronger and leaner!* My regular personal trainer, Angela, has made the workouts challenging and versatile – no workout is the same as the other! When I have had substitute trainers. I’ve found them to be knowledgeable and personable as well.

Mark and Marti, you have made the atmosphere in the gym very friendly and because of the size of the gym and personal attention, I don’t feel like just a number!

I have been so impressed, that I have revised my original goal and have decided to keep my trainer so that what I have accomplished with the help of Fitness Together will continue.

Jean Pattenaude

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Rachel Borowski

I had hit a significant plateau for six months after losing the initial 40 lbs on my own. Fitness Together broke that plateau and it really started coming off quickly! I am down 16 dress sizes.* I am most proud to carry my "before" pictures (I never am without them) to encourage others and show people it can be done.

Fitness Together Client and Business Woman

Donna Mills

Testimonial Donna Mills- April 29, 2013

I came to Fitness Together in June 2012 frustrated with what seemed like never ending dieting and exercising without any true results. My goal was to lose 30 pounds and on my initial visit Marti and Joy assured me that I would reach my goal.  After my first Pack session I realized that I hadn’t really been working out.  I was worn out after that first workout but I also felt energized and ready to take on more.  Since joining I have been attending Pack sessions three times a week and I have to say the workouts are always challenging and that I have never had the same work out twice.  The trainers have always been very supportive and know when to push me to reach the next level.  It is because of them that I have not only met my initial goal but also meet my revised goal of losing 40 pounds.*  I also can’t say enough about the Pack group members that offer me the moral support needed when I don’t think I can do one more push up or sit up. There always there cheering me on. The whole team has enabled me to meet my goals and I am very thankful for everyone’s assistance and support.

Jerry Pattenaude

Dear Mark & Marti,

I wanted to thank you and your staff for helping me achieve what I was not able to do on my very own and that is to get this 50+ year body of mine whipped back into shape. I have been training with Mike Cheeseman for about six months and I am truly happy, actually amazed, with the results. I have more energy than a lot of 20 year olds I know.* You have made me believe in Fitness Together 1 Client 1 Trainer 1 Goal. Keep up the good work and I wish you continued success. See ya next week!


I think my FT experience has added great variety to my physical fitness endeavors. I am in great physical shape. I enjoy the exercise regimen. I highly recommend the process to all. And first and foremost I am thrilled with my wife's accomplishments at FT -- her success has been my overarching goal from the onset.


I have been going her for a few months and really love it! It works because of the accountability factor. Your trainer keeps track of your progress weekly and customizes your program. The trainers are all very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. I have lost almost 10 pounds* so far and that is despite a busy schedule of taking care of two kids and nursing school! I plan on continuing with Fitness Together until I get to my goal and probably after. Your health is worth the cost! - Laurel

E Key

Fitness Together is a great place to go for people of all ages and abilities. I have gone on and off for the past four years and these people truly know what they're doing! I am most impressed by their individualized and comprehensive workout routines. They are super knowledgeable about how to work through physical limitations, and cater to one's personal fitness goals. They have all types of equipment, and the facility is tidy and clean. The trainers are friendly, knowledgeable and encouraging. It's been one of the most positive workout experiences I've ever had, and I actually look forward to getting there more often. If you are looking for a non-judgmental environment in which to build a healthy foundation, let Fitness Together be your head cornerstone.* - E. Key

Jim Papineau

I wanted to share this personal testimonial with you concerning my experience with the team at Fitness Together.  During my most recent executive evaluation this past October, I was introduced to Mark Carrier who shared with me his companies approach to physical fitness training and nutrition.  I have often been somewhat skeptical of the one on one training studios that seem to be popping up all over in the last five years.  I have also been reluctant to consider a personal trainer as a somewhat stubborn retired SEAL.  Nevertheless, after putting on several unwanted pounds and inches and a sincere desire to improve my blood chemistry and blood pressure, I agreed to give the team at Fitness Together a try.  

Due to the fact that I live two hours out of Norfolk I have only been able to workout with the trainer at Fitness Together two days a week for the past two months.  Nevertheless, I am excited to report that the experience has been fantastic and the results are already very compelling.  From the first day I walked in the door I had a very positive experience with their team of professionals as they were not only experienced but also sincerely dedicated to helping me to achieve my physical training goals and objectives. They have also remained flexible with their ability to adjust to my ever changing schedule which is very important to individuals like myself that are sincerely trying to prioritize improving their health with the realities of a very hectic and dynamic professional career.  

In two short months I have not only improved my overall cardiovascular conditioning but have also significantly improved my strength and flexibility.*  I received further confirmation today after receiving a phone call from Dr. Lesner with the results of my most recent blood work.  My overall cholesterol level has decreased while my HDL number has gone up.*  I expect this trend to continue as I increase my workout schedule and will be monitoring my progress with my trainer. 

I want to thank you for providing me with the opportunity to meet Mark and his team at Fitness Together.  Their professionalism and expertise is a great match and compliments the overall superior level of care and dedication that I have come to expect and enjoy from the Executive Evaluation Center. 

My sincere appreciation,

Jim Papineau

Randy and Kathy

We have been extremely encouraged and challenged to a higher level in our health and fitness as a result of our relationship with Fitness Together and the staff at the Norfolk location. Thank you for making a difference in our lives…

Donna White Kearney

Thanks for your patience through my computer woes. While my past assessments have shown minor improvements, it is really encouraging for me to see significant results on paper and, more importantly, to see the visible results and to have people who are normally oblivious about people’s appearances to notice the changes!!!! 

FT has worked for me.  Even when I was working out on a regular basis, I did not see the results that I now see.  I know that I would never have accomplished these results on my own.  Having someone tell me what to do (so that I do not have to think or keep track of what I should be doing—particularly so early in the AM) is a huge benefit, as is having someone push me beyond what I would ever do on my own.  Unlike you, Marti, and your trainers (and probably many of your clients like Kevin), exercise will never be one of my favorite things to do; however, the FT approach is one that I am comfortable with and one that has yielded results.  My thanks to you and the FT team! 

Donna White Kearney
Attorney at Law                             

Susan Eilberg

My personal testimonial is that I am in better shape now than I have ever been in my life!* I have been training for decades and this is by far the best studio I have used. The trainers are enthusiastic and skilled. They can adapt an exercise to any personal need. I love the personal attention in one-on-one sessions as well as the PACK.

PACK is a small group, no more than 4 people, who work together at their own levels I think the Pack training is excellent. I work hard and enjoy the company. I keep trying to go back to the one-on-one but I haven't made it yet! Also I appreciate the monthly nutrition sessions even though my travel schedule has only let me get to one of them. I would give these guys a 10, no question! Susan Eilberg

Ann Bolen


I could not be more thrilled with my decision to come to Fitness Together. In six weeks I can see meaningful changes in both how I look and feel.* You and Marty have created a wonderfully caring and professional organization and that support is certainly the difference this time as I try to shed the unwelcome pounds and improve my overall fitness. Joy, my trainer, is just that, a JOY. She challenges me, certainly, but also truly cares. I love the way she mixes up every workout. Nothing ever is boring! I can’t thank you all enough. I look forward to seeing what the next six weeks brings!

Ann Bolen


I absolutely love EVERYTHING about Fitness Together. The entire staff always makes me feel very welcome whenever I come in. The staff is always interested in finding out more about me as a person as well as making me feel more positive about my physical well being. I never thought I would actually look forward to exercising. With the expertise of the staff at Fitness Together, not only do I feel much better but my body looks more fit then when I was much younger. In other words to be quite honest, Fitness Together has changed my life style for the better not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well.*

After *

David Dipersio

I joined Fitness Together in September 2009.  My purpose, at the time, was to get into a scheduled routine for fitness. My time is extremely valuable and in short supply. For years I watched infomercials about various products and claims to being fit in 90 days. With a demanding life schedule consisting of work and family I knew this was something I couldn’t do on my own and I questioned how 1 machine could transform an entire body. There would be too many distractions and excuses.

I was teamed with Marieta as my trainer. Mark knows how to match personalities in order to motivate the client. In less than 5 months I’ve noticed a complete transformation of my body, my energy, my spirit, and my attitude. While I did not need to lose pounds, I seriously needed to get into shape. I lost approximately 10 pounds* but more importantly I lost almost 4 inches around my stomach* and I gained over 2 inches across my shoulders. For the first time in years, make that decades, I’m looking forward to the summer and walking around the yard without a shirt.  I just recently purchased a pair of jeans that are 2” smaller around the waist*. My energy level has increased and my self esteem is higher. No longer can my daughter call me “gutboy”!

I should also mention that during the time that I started, I was going through some very difficult times as my father was terminal with cancer. He passed away during the third month of training at Fitness Together. Both Mark and Marieta were very supportive. Marieta could tell when my days were not going well, or if the stress from this issue and work was too much. She would often adjust my training to include boxing gloves or other exercises that helped relieve stress. There were times during this period when the only release I had from stress was a good workout; an hour just for me.

My point is that they truly care about you as an individual at Fitness Together. Your success is theirs, too. They want you to succeed. I came to Fitness Together determined to succeed. The entire staff at Fitness Together made it easy to keep that determination!

David Dipersio


Sunny Sonner

I have been at "Fitness Together" for 21 months and have found Gary Pryor, my personal trainer, to be the very best I've ever had. They provide a well balanced workout program plus a well organized overall fitness program.

You truly get personal attention to help you reach your goals. If you are serious about working out with a trainer, Fitness Together is the place to go!! 

Sunny Sonner


Jinx Baggett

"Health and time are two of my top three priorities in life. Fitness Together has helped me improve my health in the most effective use of time. I feel better today than I did 30 years ago.  My dislike for sweating and jumping around have lessened because of the patience and training style of Marieta, my personal trainer extraordinaire. Of course the results are great, too."

Pam DeShong

Mark & Marti,

I cannot say enough about my positive experience with Fitness Together since
I started about 8 months ago. I don't go for a work out, I go for the
challenge and that is exactly what you get. If anyone knows me, you know
that I have had my most challenging year in my career. It has been full of
changes, transitions, stress and sleepless nights. The one thing that has
been constant and productive are my work-outs. They provide me with a stress
reducing hour and a good night's sleep. I continue to surprise myself of
just how strong I am.* I can actually say I am addicted to exercise. This is
coming from someone who was not that active in the past. Fitness Together
has by far exceeded my expectations and I cannot imagine myself without
them. You do not have to fit them into your schedule, they fit you into your

Recently I started taking the small group classes (PACK) and discovered I
work harder to keep up with the group. My one on one training prepared me
for these high power classes.

Thanks Daniel, Rachel & Stephanie. I love you all.

If you make an appointment, I guarantee you will come back after just 1

Pam DeShong

Susan Swanson

“As a tri-athlete recovering from a horrific elbow injury and major surgery, I needed help working through my pain and building back the strength in my damaged arm.  I went to Fitness Together and started working out twice a week with Gary.  Gary spent some time talking to me about my goals and then designed a program to meet those goals.  Within 6 weeks I was doing push-ups, pull-ups, and dips--things that my doctor wasn’t sure I’d be able to do again.  Every 3 weeks Gary develops a new program designed to stimulate my muscles in different ways.  During my workouts, we discuss nutrition and other topics important to athletes in training.  I am a huge fan of the concept: 1 Client, 1 Trainer, 1 Goal.  I can’t see how someone wouldn’t succeed with a personalized program like this.  The compliments I’ve been getting are also proof that Fitness Together is right for me.”

Susan just complete the Ironman Triathlon“Chesapeake Man up” in Cambridge, MD. She completed a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run in – 13 hours: 25 minutes: 54 seconds.* Susan placed 12th overall out of all the women in the race. She was first in her age group, to receive the “Grand Master” Award! She was the (first woman 50 or over to finish) and she exceeded her expectations by more than an hour.*  

Susan chose Fitness Together to be part of her regiment in preparing for the Ironman (1 on 1 personal training). Susan and Gary Pryor (One of our qualified Personal Trainers) work hard over the last 9 months preparing for this Ironman race!

Claus Ihlemann

I joined Fitness Together in Late December. I was particularly interested in working in core strength and Balance. Working with my trainer "Nick" twice a week has been particularly rewarding. I have lost about 5 LBS* with about 10 LBS to go, taken about 1 inch off my waist and feel great with increased energy*. On my recent trip to Florida I had no reservations about putting on my swim trunks and enjoy the pool and sunshine. The One on One workout experience is very effective and challenging, I highly recommend it.


Lisa Chandler

The experience I have had a Fitness Together has been wonderful.  From the initial assessment to the training sessions there has been no doubt Mark and Marti (Owners of Fitness Together) are committed to my health and well being.  The training sessions with Gary have been some of the most challenging ones I have experienced with a trainer and that is what I was looking for.  His workouts are varied and never boring, he pushed me to levels that he knows I can go (but won’t push myself to), and makes it enjoyable at the same time.

Thank you for coming to Hampton Roads!


Bjorn Marshall

Fitness Together is the answer to my need to establish and maintain good health and a strong responsive body.  My 2 or 3 days a week regimen is always exhilarating.  From the moment I arrive my trainer (Marieta) is urging me from one exercise to the next.  The best 50 minutes of the day. In 4 months(right through the holidays mind you) I’ve been transformed from a limping old man to a middle aged “cat”.*  It’s the core that counts.


Thanks Mark and Marieta.


David J. Benjack


I just wanted to drop a quick note to tell you what a great experience I had training with Gary for the last eight months.  As a former college athlete, I've always tried to stay in shape, but with family and career it sometimes became difficult to make the time; and when you begin missing workouts, the longer you've been away, the harder it gets trying to get back into it.  However, Gary got me back into it quickly and I have been incredibly pleased with the results.  I am so pleased with the results. 

I loved his cut-to-the-chase, no excuses approach.  For me, that always works best.  From a strength perspective, I am stronger than I have ever been.  I also dropped several pounds of fat and gained pounds of muscle.*  I've lost inches where I wanted and gained inches in muscle.*  My cardiovascular health is far better and that was my number one goal.  The bottom line is that I am and feel much healthier.  I reached all my goals and believe that Gary's creative and extremely challenging workouts were the thing that made it all happen.  Trust me, there were times that I thought what Gary had in mind was not possible, but he pushed me in such a way that I always hit the intended goal.  If only I had this training knowledge and someone like Gary to push me when I was younger and competing, I know I would have been a better athlete. 

I have now set up my own cross-fit gym in my garage and although I may no longer be working out at Fitness Together, I am dedicated to continuing a workout regimen to maintain and improve upon what Gary started as well as get my three boys to participate and adopt healthy training habits.  My youngest boy is always ready to work out with me and do whatever I'm doing.  I know I had better keep up my workouts so I can keep up with my boys. 

Thanks again, and have a great summer. 

David J. Benjack