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Jeans Do Make the Man, or Woman, with the Right Fit

Jun 16, 2016

Across the country, many of the Fitness Together® studios are coming to the end of “The Great Jeans Challenge,” a system-wide initiative to motivate clients to lose two jean sizes in eight weeks…a lofty, but doable goal. For some, going out to find new jeans that flatter their noticeably thinner figures is equally exciting and challenging. With so many styles and brands these days, it should be easy to find the perfect fit. On the other hand, having so many choices can be frustrating and time consuming. Wouldn’t it be great to have an expert size you up and fit you to a tee?

We did some legwork and found some jean experts just outside Chicago in Orland Park. The Buckle, or just Buckle, is one of America’s favorite denim destinations. Lenny Przysucha, a district manager, and Orland Park’s store manager, Shannon Potts, are highly trained in helping men and women find the perfect fitting jeans.

“Fitness and clothing go hand in hand,” says Potts. “You get fit to lose weight and you want to look good in what you are wearing. Jeans are a fashion staple. You don’t have to settle for leggings just because you can’t find the right fitting jeans.”

Przysucha says Buckle has more than 60 different fits in jeans. They are determined by various fit points that include the waist, rise, thighs, knees and bottom opening. Then, there are various styles, from bootcut, skinny and stretch jeans to slim, regular, curvy and universal fits. A denim specialist at Buckle will typically start with three-to-five different brands with multiple fits. Once the right fit is determined, Buckle can size adjust those 60 fits to make everything work together.

“It takes a lot of training to recognize various body types when our guests come in. We start by listening to what they are looking for in a jean, asking questions like whether they want a low or higher rise, a bootcut or straight leg, a clean look or more detail. Even the type of fabric is important because the type of material can alter the fit and vary in comfort.”

Buckle carries many different fabrics from stiffer cottons to lighter materials in polyester, spandex, rayon and Model, which is similar to a knit. And then, of course, there are colors and washes to choose – from light to dark and everything in between, to creams, olives, and tans.

When asked what’s trending in jeans for women, Potts says waists are rising, and ladies are going for a cleaner look these days. Also, stretch denim is here to stay. Buckle carries practically every brand and every fit in some level of stretch. From fabric that gives a little where you need it to a level that snaps back like a rubber band and contours your every being. “High-end fashion with detail and embellishments have been the rage the last 10 years, but for the last couple of years, the look has been clean, less destructed. For the most part, it’s really about what makes you look and feel good.”

Change is slower for men.

“Men are more creatures of comfort than fashion, according to Przysucha. “They like a more loose fit – bootcuts or straight legs – and they will buy three to five pairs of jeans at a time, so they don’t have to come back anytime too soon.”

Przysucha says he gets a kick out of customer reactions when they find the perfect fit, anything from, “I love the way I feel” to “Wow, I have a butt.” It’s those reactions that have made jeans such a fundamental and essential piece in our closets. Flattery can get you anywhere in a good pair of jeans, so look for styles, washes and fits that enhance what you like about your figure and minimize what you don’t. And as we know now, there’s a heck of a lot out there to choose from.

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