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PERSONAL TRAINING What You Should Know about Water

May 7, 2011

Ask yourself on question, “Am I drinking enough water?” Most likely the answer is no. As a personal trainer I see firsthand that clients, friends, and people around me are not getting enough of the good stuff. I’m talking about the delicious clear liquid that Mother Nature created for us to indulge in. Water not only quenches your thirst and is a must for our survival, but it has also been linked to weight loss.

How much water daily is really enough? A good rule of thumb is to take your body weight and divide it in half and consume that in ounces per day. For example, if you weigh 150lbs you need 75oz (9-10 8oz glasses) daily. I personally love water. I always have a water bottle in hand which reminds me to stay hydrated and helps me drink throughout the day. When working out and or on hot summer days, you’ll need to consume more water than usual to compensate.

I learn many things from my dogs and when it comes to drinking water by paying close attention to their habits. We love our animals so! You may notice that dogs drink much more water on hot days. They also consume more water when they exert energy. Walking in the door with my pups after a run they go right for the water bowl. Don’t wait until the end of your personal workout to guzzle down water. Sipping throughout your sweat session helps replenish those lost fluids. The average person loses around 1-2 liters of sweat during an hour long high intense workout. Drink up throughout the entire day not only when you are thirsty.

The type of water you drink is of importance too. I recommend you locate a water store in your neighborhood that purifies and filters water. Invest in a refillable water container. Glass or plastic works but, if using plastic be sure to look for plastic containers BPA free with the numbers 2, 4, and 5 on the bottom in the recycle sign. Water bottles with number 1 on the bottom are intended for a one time use only, not to refill. Refilling water bottles is good to keep dollars in your pocket and good for the environment. I fill up two 3 gallon containers of water each week for $2.40, that’s about the cost of 2 soda pops!

Speaking of soda pop and other sugary drinks, don’t do it. They are loaded with sugar and empty calories. A great substitute could be sparkling water. This way you get those fizzy bubbles tickling your nose without the calories and yucky stuff in soda. Try adding fresh slices of cucumber or fresh squeezed lemon to your water for a delightful treat.

Accessories are hip and my favorite accessory is my BPA free aluminum water bottle. When putting filtered clean water in your body ensure the container holding the water is safe. Some plastic bottles are made with epoxy resin and polycarbonate plastics which contains a chemical BPA. BPA can be leached into the water bottle contents through normal wear and tear, exposure to heat and cleaning products. A big danger that causes BPA leaching is leaving that plastic water bottle in your car on a hot day. This leaching can be very harmful to the body. Use water containers that are aluminum or stainless steel.

By now I’m sure your wanting to know the link between water and weight loss. First substituting water in place of sugary, calorie loaded drinks will cut out un-necessary calories. Another tip for weight loss is to drink a full glass of water before each meal. This may in turn help you from over eating. For more on weight loss benefits of water check out

Enjoy a glass of the crisp clean liquid that is calorie free and a must need for your health needs today. For added motivation contact me, Fawn Lofton, Fitness Together Mission Hills 619-794-0014. Follow us on our blog at


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