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PERSONAL TRAINING Visualize Your Way to a Vivacious Body

Oct 29, 2010

The Law of Attraction is a great tool to master, if you haven’t already…. It is just like a light switch, when it’s on, your feelings and emotions are in an up direction. When your light switch is off you feel down in the dumps about life and your body, which will just bring more yucky feelings to you. It’s important to focus, feel, and think positive. Instead of saying or thinking “I will always be fat” change your thought to “I am now feeling fit, healthy and thin.” Instead of saying or thinking, “I can’t commit to a workout program because I will fail.” Say, “I will dedicate 2 days a week to exercise and will succeed to reach my realistic goals.” Then focus on the end result picturing the desired outcome.

Paying attention to how you feel in your body may aid you in your journey to the body you want. Have you noticed on days you wake up and feel good, good things keep happening throughout your day? All green lights on way to work, people compliment you, and you have an awesome workout. On the other hand, days that start out not so good you may get a speeding ticket, you’re overloaded with work, ect. It’s not what happens to you, its what you do with what happens to you and how you redirect your thought life to the positive end of the spectrum and use visualization to stay on track propelling success.

In order for the universe to aid in your visualization, you must be clear with your intention or want. This is where your goals come into play. Take some time to focus exactly what you want your body to look like. Maybe finding a picture of you when you looked and felt “hot” or “sexy” in a bikini or a hot little number. Or if you find a picture of a bombshell in a fitness magazine, cut it out and tape a picture of your face on it. I know this sounds a bit silly, but having a visual that you see daily will help you in bringing that “hot bod” to a reality.

Being in charge of your feelings will influence positive change to enter your life. The way you change your thoughts can be simple. It’s important to connect to your FEELINGS and INTENTIONS. Some examples are: FEEEL and get jazzed about yourself in your healthy, strong, toned, and defined body. FEEEL and get jazzed about your energy level being sustained throughout your day due to exercise. FEEEL and get jazzed about nourishing your body with fresh, healthy, and wholesome foods. FEEEL and get jazzed about whatever your fitness goals are and visualize yourself in that moment when that goal is reached.

When training clients I say, “Focus on the muscle you are working, visualize what you want it to look like.” When you take the time to focus on each rep of every set and feeling muscle working and contracting allows you to build what’s called the “mind muscle connection.” Here again you must FEEL and visualize exactly what you want your arms, legs, glutes, stomach, or each body part you are working. Try this technique in your next workout. You can actually feel the muscles working harder when you take time to focus on them and be engaged in the present moment.

At the end of each workout or each day, take time to be in appreciation of your body. It’s so important to be in gratitude for your body and give it some love. I use this positive affirmation to show appreciation to my body. “I love my body. It’s a glorious place to live. It serves me well and I marvel at the miracle that is my body. I love and appreciate my beautiful body.” Love and appreciate every single body part you have. Focus on feeling good in your body and think yourself thin. These Visualization tools will lead you to your Vivacious Body! To get you moving contact Fawn Lofton, Fitness Together Mission Hills 619-794-0014 today!


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