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PERSONAL TRAINING Summer New Rears Resolution #1

Mar 30, 2011

This is the first of a 3 part “Toosh Targeting” installment to get your backside reduced, toned, tightened and firmed for the summer months ahead when your buns will be a bit more on display, given our skimpier summer attire. This is non gender specific, so guys and gals lend me your ear to kick it in gear for your 2011 New Rears Resolution.

Most people have one of the following things to say about their toosh: 1) “My buns are too big;” 2) “My buns are too saggy;” 3) “My buns are too flat;” or 4) “My buns are too big, too saggy AND too flat”………………………uhoh!

New Rears Resolution #1My buns are too big!” Let’s tackle this one first.

Fat-Burner A: Run………….”The tightener”

  1. To target your glutes focus on extending your hips and keeping your chest lifted. Consider your stride length; the farther you extend and contract your glutes the more work they do.
  2. Roll all the way forward onto your toes with each step, in order to engage more of your glutes. This also gets your calves deeper involved in the action.
  3. Run up hills, stairs, or on the treadmill at an incline. Inclined surfaces engage the glutes more so than flat surfaces.
  4. Run on a sandy beach or gravel path – the uneven surface forces you to work harder to stabilize your lower body. You get great core benefit and again more deeply engage the calves.
  5. Before you run and after you finish take a few moments to stretch. Stretching is essential as a warm up and cool down to running and works to elongate muscle fibers pre and post workout.

Fat-Burner B: Elliptical……..”The streamliner”

  1. Posture matters. Don't drape your upper body over the front of the elliptical machine, as this will bring the focus to your quads and lower back instead of your glutes. Instead, keep your back straight and posture upright. If you try to push slightly more through your heels rather than your toes, you’ll get added glute targeted sensation.
  2. Most machines have computer modes that simulate stairs or hills. Use those modes when available. This will ensure that the emphasis is on your glutes instead of your quads.
  3. Remember to push down through your heels with each stride. For an added jolt to the toosh, sink down into a squat for 30 second intervals while striding. This will intensify the bun burn. Oh my!
  4. Let go of the handles. This will force your core to stabilize you for some added core benefit. Hands free operation is always slightly more challenging, hence a greater calorie burn.

Fat-Burner C: Swim………..”The calorie burner”

  1. Start each lap with an explosive push from the wall. Place the soles of your feet flat against the side of the pool, bend your knees and explode forward with your legs. Pushing through the heels directs more energy to your glutes.
  2. Use flippers. This may sound silly, but try a few laps with a kickboard and swim fins, and you'll quickly feel the intense emphasis on your glutes. The flippers displace more water and create greater energy needs directed at your rear end, Your New Rears Resolution rear end that is.
  3. Vary your kick. Go from flutter to frog kicks to target all of your glutes.
  4. Try some in-water squat jumps: stand in chest-level water with feet shoulder width apart, toes turned slightly outward. Bend your knees and lower your hips then explode upward, pushing through your heels. Heel pressure targets the hamstrings and glutes. Toe pressure puts more on the knees and quadriceps.

This month we focused on bun reducing, next month, on bun lifting and in June we’ll attack bun shaping in our final toosh targeting New Rears Resolution installment. Jumpstart your summer now by calling Fitness Together 619 7940014. Follow our blog at


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