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Personal Training Studio 4019 Goldfinch Street
San Diego, CA 92103

The hardest part is getting started: take the first step

The hardest part is getting started:
take the first step

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Our comprehensive fitness program begins with a no strings attached free consultation to determine if we are the right fit for you. If we are, we’ll get the ball rolling on some fantastic results.

Personal Training

As fitness professionals, our personal trainers can help clients by motivating them to make exercise a fun part of their lives. Whether it's improving your overall health and wellness, or seeking fitness through strength training, helping you get out of bed without pain, running faster, jumping higher, or learning about your weight management options to reach your fitness goals, we're eager to help start you on a journey that may change your life forever.

Here are the areas of fitness we specialize in:

Baby Boomer/Older-Adult Training, High-Intensity Interval and Tabata Training, Small Group or Partner Training, Mixed Martial Arts Inspired Workouts, Boot Camps, Training for Women, Youth Fitness, Strength Training or Body Weight Training - we're ready to guide you in achieving your fitness and health goals.

Our nutrition program, Nutrition Together*, isn't about dieting. It's about giving you the knowledge that may change how you eat. Nutrition counseling sessions will cover topics ranging from how to eat light (and enjoy it) to grocery shopping, dining out and changing unhealthy eating behaviors. When you add smart nutrition to regular workouts, you have an unbeatable program for meeting your fitness goals.

Fitness Together has a program to get you the results you want - please call 619.794.0014;or email Fitness Together today and learn more.

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Please follow us on our blog for fitness information on cardio, nutrition, strength, success stories, fitness trends as well as fun topics and other ideas.

  • "My personal coach provides challenging and new workouts. He also contributes amusing and educated conversation. "   ― S. M. G.

  • "Each session is different and your entire body gets attention, Ideal in every way."   ― D. S.

  • "personalized, individualized "   ― C. C. R.

  • "I like working you Blake!"   ― K. A. T.

  • "Your trainers are excellent -- on target, responsive, smart, encouraging, and professional. The studio is so clean and welcoming. I am seeing results and enjoying exercise, something new for me!"   ― E. M. C.

  • "Fun people who push me to do my best!"   ― L. T.

  • "Personalized program, flexibility, knowledgeable and friendly trainers"   ― L. R. O.

  • "Nice gym, specialized training, friendly trainers, great location."   ― M. L.

  • "I love that each workout session is Tailored to the goals I’ve set for myself. My trainer listens to me and always has my back to make sure I get the best possible workout every. "   ― B. D.

  • "Customized workouts with fitness professionals that know their stuff! And the results are undeniable. Feel better, look better, live longer!"   ― K. C.

  • "Excellent fitness trainers who learn about your particular body issues and create specific exercises that you do under their guidance. Every session is different from prior sessions, and your entire body gets a workout. I’ve done every week for several years and will continue to do so even though I am 74 years old. "   ― D. S.

  • "Highly professional trainers; individualized program; superb experience in every respect."   ― M. L.

  • "Vince gets RESULTS "   ― J. W.

  • "Convenience, expert personal training, like the 1 on 1 model, excellent customer service, great facility "   ― C. C. R.

  • "Very professional team. Always give a great work out and haven’t had any soreness in the lower back or knees which I was concerned about being 63 years of age and overweight. The Mission Hills site is spotlessly clean with individual rooms to work with your trainer with no distraction and no wasted time. I am definitely getting stronger and feeling motivated to stick with losing weight and exercising as a lifestyle into my senior years. Highly recommend! Laura "   ― L. U.

  • "Personal fitness plan Great staff Cleanliness Snacks and water"   ― L. R. O.

  • "Personal, professional, "   ― D. S.

  • "Because Fitness Together is 'one-on one' training, the sessions are tailored to the needs and issues of that one client - unlike many programs where the trainer must guess what is best for most of the group. Additionally, there is no wasted time during each session, and each part of your body gets its needed attention."   ― D. S.

  • "Personalized individualized training, scheduling flexibility, and the attitude of always pushing the edge of the envelope!"   ― K. S.

  • "Fun, friendly fitness professionals who provide me a personalized program that really works! I look better, feel better & have measurably improved my quality of life; the results are undeniable! "   ― K. C.

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