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The hardest part is getting started: take the first step

The hardest part is getting started:
take the first step

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Our comprehensive fitness program begins with a no strings attached free consultation to determine if we are the right fit for you. If we are, we’ll get the ball rolling on some fantastic results.

Fitness Together - Your Complete Solution


At Fitness Together we have training services to fit every need. We are Northshore Milwaukee's premier Personal Training Studio because our programs can help you get results. We offer both 1-on-1 and Small Group Training called PACK.

There are no gimmicks to getting healthy. Our approach focuses on Strength Training, Cardiovascular Training, Nutritional Guidance, and most importantly ACCOUNTABILITY. We know that you can go on the internet and find all kinds of free tips and techniques that will help you achieve your goals. But will that website set up your workouts for you?? Will that book make you do the last few reps that you don't want to? Will that tweet call you if you don't show up for your workout? The answer is NO! The trainers at Fitness Together will hold you accountable and THAT can make all the difference.


  • "Very accomadatingn 5o my schedule"   ― D. K.

  • "The Fitness Together studio in Whitefish Bay vibrates with positive energy making it a fun and lively place to work out. The trainers exude vitality and good health creating a motivating life changing atmosphere. They are also incredibly down to earth making the work out time fly by. I find it well worth my money as the Fitness Together skilled trainers develop and vary my work out to keep it challenging and interesting for me. I am mentally and physically stronger thanks to the dedication and effort they put into advancing my health and wellness goals. "   ― S. B.

  • "friendly and convienent"   ― D. K.

  • "The Fitness Together trainers are all professional and approachable. It’s a non-intimidating environment which can be unusual for fitness places. The trainers design workouts specifically to keep strengthening your body and building your endurance. The activities are varied which reduces monotonous exercise routines and ensures the sessions are never boring. Fitness Together Mequon and Whitefish Bay will absolutely help you maintain a long-term fitness life-style. "   ― S. B.

  • "convienant"   ― D. K.

  • "Over the past few months, I attended classes at several different local and national fitness organizations and chains. I wouldn’t trade my Fitness Together time for any of them! I would much rather spend my money with a trainer who ensures I perform the exercises correctly, holds me accountable to do the exercises I would rather not but need, and motivates me to test my limits than with an instructor who simply yells out to me and group that we have three more minutes left to run on a treadmill. With the trainers at Fitness Together, they take into account not just my physical ability but my mental state and adjust the workouts on the fly to meet what I need on a given day to achieve my best self. I would highly recommend Fitness Together to anyone. "   ― S. B.

  • "You will not regret a single minute you spend at Fitness Together. If you are looking for someone to get you motivate to work out and get in shape, you will be at the right place as the trainers are outstanding! They are experienced and dedicated to giving you a solid and effective workout experience. Even better, they are experts at adjusting the exercises to your fitness level to not only help you gain more strength but to make sure you stay healthy and limit your injury risk. The trainers truly care about you and your well-being. You won’t be disappointed with your experience at Fitness Together. "   ― S. B.

  • "I love that the trainers, Michelle in my case, can and will challenge you no matter one on one or group training. Cheering you on no matter how small the accomplishment goes a long way to motivation! "   ― S. W.

  • "I really enjoy my time at fitness together, the trainers are great and show real concern for the clients"   ― L. S.

  • "One on one training. Variety of routine with check points of progress along the way. "   ― P. G.

  • "Way we can work around any health/medical issus"   ― L. M.

  • "I love the variety, encouragement, and the understanding brought to the service. "   ― L. A.

  • "The Fitness Together Mequon location stands above other local fitness studios/centers because of their professional, experienced, and approachable staff. When I first started, the tailored workout activities, and safe, comfortable, and support environment helped me get fit and achieve my weight lost goals. Two plus years later, the trainers keep me motivated to workout through innovative workout challenges and varied strength and cardio exercises. The friendly and fun Fitness Together Mequon team helped me get healthy and change my life for the better! "   ― S. B.

  • "The program is designed to improve the individual ‘s state of fitness and the trainer mixes it up so you don’t get bored with a routine. Michelle does a great job of encouraging me and that’s essentially for me and my progress!!"   ― J. S.

  • "Very comfortable and welcoming, genuine concern for your well being"   ― L. S.

  • "My personal trainer rocks, she has an incredible work ethic. accountability, timing, involved in a small group class of three with personal trainer twice a week, great clients. "   ― A. B.

  • "The service provided at Fitness Together Mequon blows other exercise programs and classes out of the water. The trainers are energetic and friendly. They put thought into the exercise routine and keep the exercises varied to make the workouts interesting and unique. They truly lookout for your wellbeing and teach you the proper techniques to avoid injury and maximum the physical benefit of the exercise. Because of the one-on-one interaction, they are able modify the exercises to keep you challenged mentally and keep improving your body physically. My experience at Fitness Together has been nothing short of positive and life altering. I would highly recommend Fitness Together for anyone looking to become healthy or maintain an already healthy lifestyle. "   ― S. B.

  • "Personalized. Friendly. The workout is tailored to my current needs, but there are also future goals."   ― S. B.

  • "The personal attention by a highly qualified trainer to my specific fitness needs and goals has been excellent!"   ― J. B.

  • "The continuing support!"   ― M. M.

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