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Your Own Private Gym

Your Own Private Gym

Erin Mellinger

With the presence of the Coronavirus in our area, our government is asking us to avoid large crowds. I completely understand that decision, as it has been proven in the past to lessen the spread of a virus and save many lives.

However, with everyone being more mindful of crowds and the spread of germs, I want to take this opportunity to remind you that our Fitness Together facilities are the "anti-gym". That has always been our business model.

At Fitness Together we offer completely private training rooms. Just you and your personal trainer in your own room and with your own equipment. Our two room studios only have, at the most, two sessions going at a time and each client is in their own private training room.

Of course I cannot guarantee that we do not spread any germs in our facility. But I can guarantee that our traffic is very low compared to gyms, and our trainers wipe down all equipment used at the end of every session. Not just these days, but that's what we've always done and will continue to do. Certainly though, it's with more diligence and mindfulness during this time.

If you've always been active, but you're hesitant to go to the gym to hop on their treadmills or use their dumbbells, we've got all that equipment and more just for you! Or if you're new to exercise, have no fear... you won't have an audience!

Keeping yourself active, strong and healthy is of the utmost importance; now and always. If you want to learn more about our private training suites or our friendly and professional trainers, please call us at 330-692-2315.

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