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November Client of the Month

November Client of the Month

Kalie Kling CPT

Q: How long have you been FT clients?

A: 3 months!

Q: To what do you attribute your success?

A: We both believe it is the personalized attention during the training sessions, accountability of the trainers, the nutrition program and each others encouragement and support!

Q: What is your favorite exercise?

A: Rachel- Bench Press Chris- Anything involving weight training

Q: What is your least favorite exercise?

A: Rachel- Ropes Chris- Mountain Climbers

Q: What is your favorite cheat meal?

A: Rachel- craft beer and cheeseburgers! (I dream of big macs!) Chris- Craft beer and pizza

Q: What is your favorite movie of all time?

A: Rachel- Star Wars (1, 2, and 3) Chris- Tombstone

Since starting, they have both lost pounds and inches. They also have increased strength and every! Keep up the good work!

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