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March Client Spotlight!

March Client Spotlight!

Cailin Livingstone

It's our March Client Shoutout!! A very big congrats to our client Amy! She's been training with us for just over 2 months now and making some waves of progress! She's dropped close to 20 pounds, has better portion control with her nutrition, and has even noticed big changes in her energy and flexibility.  We did a little Q&A with her below!

Q: Favorite Cheat Meal?

A: I feel differently about this.  Food is my fuel and not my enemy! I eat anything I want, but I portion it and keep it all accounted for.  

Q: When you're not exercising what do you like to do in your free time? 

A: Anything with home decor! I also like cooking and entertaining my friends and family.

Q: Favorite movie of all time? 

A: The Godfather 1 & 2, not 3! 

Q: What's your favorite exercise? 

A: Lat pulldowns! 

Q: What's something no one knows about you? 

A: I used to be a competitive figure skater! 

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