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Goal Setting the "SMART" way!

Nov 27, 2017

Goal Setting: Let’s Get “SMART”

Let’s face it: setting goals is a challenge. Fitness goals, professional goals, and personal goals are all great in theory. Sticking to these goals and accomplishing them is quite another story. Here’s a quick way to get “SMART” about goal setting:

  1. Specific- Setting specific goals is a great first step to accomplishing them. Goals should be specific, such as reading a book for fifteen minutes a day or bench pressing 100 pounds.
  2. Measurable- Goals should be measurable. Going back to the bench pressing 100 pounds, the weights are measurable, and you can see the weight. Other measurable goals could be tracking your nutritional calories or working less hours and spending time with your family.
  3. Action-Based- In order to achieve your goals, your plan must include action. Bench pressing 100 pounds is great in theory, but working up to that will require time and energy. More bench presses and pushups are great action tips in order to increase one’s bench press. Getting in the habit of coming home early from work or reading a book before bed are great action-based activities that will help you accomplish your goals.
  4. Reasonable- Your goals should be reasonable, otherwise you may never achieve them. Setting realistic goals is a challenge, but it is essential, so you do not get discouraged when you don’t meet them. Some reasonable goals include working out three times per week or adding some cardio on the weekends.
  5. Time- Goals should be set and accomplished within a timely fashion. Weekly, monthly, and yearly goals are all great in their own way. Keep the time aspect of goals in mind and don’t become discouraged when it takes longer to reach some goals than you might expect!

When it comes to goal setting, getting “SMART” about goals is an essential component of accomplishing them. Keep this in mind when you set your new goals for the end of this year and into 2018!


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