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Don't quit in December!

Don't quit in December!

Erin Mellinger

Everyone is health conscious most of the year… We know exercise is good for us and we try to make time for it. We know the numerous benefits of a clean and nutritious diet so we work to apply a little discipline and choose the healthier option (most of the time!).

But because of the Holiday hustle and bustle, the cookies and egg nog at every turn, the stresses of hanging out with the in-laws, and the high pressure of that December 25th deadline- we tend to put our health on the back burner during the month of December.

We all do it. We think “well the Holidays are just hectic but I definitely plan on kicking my fitness and nutrition into high gear for the New Year… so I’m just going to give up until then.”

Two problems with that:

First- Eating clean and exercise are about way more than weight loss. You should move every day and feed your body nutrients every day because it will keep you strong and healthy and young; not just to look good. And every day you don’t is a precious day in this quick lifetime that you someday will wish you would have.

Second- it’s hard to kick it into high gear in your workouts on January 1st if you have been sedentary for a month. Think about it like this- if you want to be able to work out for hours a week and burn a ton of calories- you have to build you body’s strength and stamina up to that point. And not exercising for a month means you’ll be starting at a lower fitness level than you could be and you won’t be able to burn as many calories as you’d like (at least safely and avoiding injury).

I’m realistic just like you! I know you’re not going to lose weight between Thanksgiving and Christmas and I think that’s okay. But you can still improve your fitness levels and throw a few vegetables in there. Then you’ll be able to start your New Year’s resolution more motivated and more fit than you otherwise would have.

So when January comes and you’re ready to try spinning, Crossfit, Zumba, Yoga, or your first 5k- make sure your body is ready. If you need support, education or accountability with your fitness or nutrition, our trainers at Fitness Together are ready to help! You can learn more about Fitness Together by calling 330-952-0833 or visiting our website at