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How to Stay Active While Traveling

Connor Gray, CPT Jan 23, 2020 Fitness

  It is very easy for someone to fall out of an exercise routine if they are busy traveling for work, leisure, or any other reasons. Although you may view traveling as a “break” from your workout regime, it is important to continue to stay active even while on the road. Staying active can make traveling much more enjoyable, and it can be a great way to...

Avoid Muscle Imbalances

Erin Mellinger Jan 13, 2020 Fitness

Muscle imbalances can cause joint pain, poor posture and injury. Infortunately, with as much time as we spend on our phones or in a chair, most of us have muscle imbalances. It's important to train in a way that can correct those. 

Client Spotlight

Cailin Livingstone Jan 7, 2020 Fitness

Since Starting, Nancy has been feeling more flexible, has more stamina, and is glad to be losing some weight finally! 20 pounds down and we're not done yet!  How long have you been an FT client? 4.5 months What do you attribute your success: Coming here 2x a week and being more accountable to being healthier! What is your favorite exercise? Is...

Exercise vs. Physical Activity

Connor Gray, CPT Dec 19, 2019 Fitness

  One of the biggest questions that people have about fitness is how many minutes of exercise is appropriate per week? Well, according to the American Heart Association, adults should get at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise a week while doing strength training exercises an additional two days a week. This should add up to about 250 minutes per week of exercise.  So,...

December Client Spotlight

Cailin Livingstone Dec 4, 2019 Fitness

How long have you been an FT client? 3 Years What do you attribute your success: Accountability, motivation, and push of the trainers! I’ve never stuck to a program as long as this! What is your favorite exercise? Punching bag! What is your favorite “cheat meal”? Anything Mexican, chips & salsa, margaritas! When...

Tips for Staying Active During the Holiday Season

Connor Gray, CPT Nov 22, 2019 Fitness

  During the holiday season, many claim that they do not have enough time to get a workout in or stay active. From early November through the end of the year, there are plenty of festivities, including eating, drinking, binging your favorite TV show, and among others, that can sway you from not working out. However, it is very important that you stay active during...

November Client Spotlight

Cailin Livingstone Nov 4, 2019 Fitness

November Client of The Month Q&A: Kristin S.  Q: How long have you been with FT? A: 6 months Q: What do you attribute your success? A: The accountability of all the trainers Q: Favorite exercise? A: Deadlifts Q: Least favorite exercise? A: Anything with the Bosu Ball! Q: Favorite cheat meal? A: Sweet Chili wings Q: What do you like...

The Benefits of Tracking Food

Connor Gray,CPT Oct 24, 2019 Fitness

When attempting to adapt to a healthier lifestyle of exercise and nutrition, one of the main goals for many people is weight loss. To have a successful and healthy weight loss, tracking your food through an app or a journal is one of the most important aspects. Although it can seem very tedious at times, tracking your food has a multitude of benefits that can affect you positively. First...

October Client Spotlight!

Cailin Livingstone Oct 2, 2019 Fitness

How long have you been an FT client? 4 Years!   What do you attribute your success: Accountability of the trainers! What is your favorite exercise? MA: Planks John: Anything with weights What is your least favorite exercise? MA: Burpees John: Planks What is your favorite “cheat meal”? Both:...

The Importance of Core Strength

Connor Gray, CPT Sep 26, 2019 Fitness

One of the biggest fascinations that comes along with working out and staying active is having a flat, six-pack stomach. Most people would more than likely assume that having a six-pack of abs would mean having a strong “core.” However, the abs are not the only muscles that make up the ever important core. Your core consists of the muscles in your lower back, obliques,...

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