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90% mental 10% physical

90% mental 10% physical

Jeremy Savaet

90% Mental 10% physical

            I’m sure at some point in your life you heard that something is 90% mental and 10% physical.  When it comes to exercise that statement is 100% true!  Think about it? How many times have you had plans to go to the gym, or small group class and just decided “I’m just to tired it’s been a long day!” Or you’re at the gym, and you mingle because you’re just not in the mood. We’ve all been there.   With the New Year upon us, Fitness centers are booming with new clients and members, but within a couple months they are back to normal. Unfortunately that’s because most people have great intentions, but their mindset isn’t where it should be.

            So if you want to get mentally strong, and make fitness a lifestyle change rather than a 3 month New Year’s resolution, here are a few things for you to try.

One is self-talk.  Sounds crazy right? However, talking to your self has shown positive effects on positive energy, more so than just thinking positive thoughts!! Do this to help motivate yourself, and create that positive energy needed for you to push yourself.

Another is writing down your goals to read every day.  If you had a personal trainer before, I’m sure they talked about accountability right?  We have to hold our minds accountable to what we want to achieve! If we fail to reiterate our goals every day they soon become an afterthought, leaving us striving for the same thing the following year. Hence why year after year fitness centers have the biggest months are after the New Year.  

Lastly, always find positives in your day.  Studies have shown that people that are positive are more successful, healthier, make more money and live better lives.  So no matter how hard your day is, always try to find a positive!

            So before you start your new fitness and exercise goals remember, exercise is 90% mental and 10% physical!