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Rainy Day Workouts

Rainy Day Workouts

Lauren Wuthrich

Stuck inside on a rainy day?

Still want to get moving and keep up with your workouts? No problem.

You can create a makeshift gym in your own home on those blustery days where going outside isn’t an option and driving to the gym seems treacherous.


Here are some tips to keep you moving!

  1. Use the stairs to your advantage.
    Most people have a staircase, somewhere. Going to the second floor or heading down to the basement, a staircase can become your cardio equipment for the day! Climb them, up and down, at your own pace. Be sure the stairway is clear of things you could trip over. To add resistance: skip steps on your way up. Be sure to use the railing if you need it!
  2. Make your living room into a workout circuit.
    Make stations. Jumping jack station by the couch, pushup station by the end table, squats by the TV, you get the idea! Try to do 30 seconds at each station, taking a rest only when you’ve hit all your stations. Remember to stay hydrated and go at your own pace. Increase the time at each station if it feels too easy. Be creative!
  3. Use those old workout DVDs!
    Got some Jillian Michaels’ workout DVD’s hiding in your TV stand? In a drawer far, far away? Remember why you bought them and pop them into the DVD player! Create some space in your living room and prepare to sweat it out!
  4. Relax.
    You could also use a rainy day to do some stretching, yoga, and breathing exercises. There are lots of yoga videos online (be sure to start with beginners yoga!). Stretching and breathing are a vital part of anyone’s workout regimen – be sure to prioritize making time for them!
  5. Get others involved.
    Got kids? Friends close by? Make your home routine fun by inviting them to exercise with you. Not only will you enjoy their company, but you’ll be further determined to do your best!


Don’t waste those wet, icky days at home. Remember: you can move almost anywhere! Keep moving!