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Get an extra day of cardio in your weekly routines!

Get an extra day of cardio in your weekly routines!

Maria Marques

Do you come in for workouts 2 or 3 days a week?  Are you feeling like you are hitting a plateau?  Try adding in 1-2 extra days of cardio to your weekly routine and see results faster!  Get your body back by burning the extra 400-500 calories weekly.  Use our fun and easy to follow cardio programs that suite your needs.


Try the "Cardio Climb"

    This interval cardio program involves 3 minutes work to 1 minute rest

    Each machine is 1 minute work as hard as you can for 1 full minute


  1.     Treadmill:  Warm up with a light jog 5mph for 5 full minutes.
  2.     Treadmill:  1 minute run @ 6.5mph
  3.     Bike:  1 minute sprint @ level 14
  4.     Jump Rope:  1 minute as fast as you can
  5.      1 min rest

    Repeat 2-5 for 8 rounds and increase treadmill mph to challenge yourself.  Increase level on bike to challenge yourself.

Record your calories burned and report to this blog!