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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

Sue Aries

FT Warrior

I’m thrilled to be chosen as Client of the Month. I want to credit my sister as my inspiration. She has a personal trainer and showed me an ad for Fitness Together. After I read about the program, I decided it was time to get in shape and be strong. From my first encounter at intake, the FT team has been supportive and attentive. I’ve got a personalized program and train mostly with Lexie and Ryan. Both are true professionals who work together to help me reach my goals, build strength, gain flexibility and lose weight. I am pleased with my progress. I notice that I have gained more strength and energy and am losing weight. I’m look forward to continued success thanks to the team. Thank you for all your support!
Client of the Month Feb 2017

Carol Neafus

“I feel like I am the only client at Fitness Together Medfield.  The trainers are incredibly friendly and supportive.  They are a cohesive group who seamlessly fill in for each other at a moment’s notice.
Erik consistently devises new torture mechanisms…I mean comes up with different exercises, which target my weakest points, and seem to build off of each other each week.  They are rarely too difficult, but always challenging.  I especially appreciate all the knowledge behind each exercise.   At times the sessions are so entertaining that I don’t even realize we have finished.  I think the most amazing thing is….I’m actually enjoying myself (gasp!) while exercising.
Dan you have established an awesome venue where people can improve their health through one of the most typically dreaded of all lifelong necessities…exercising!


Caroline Wider

“I love knowing that all my trainers care about my progress and want me to succeed just like they do with every client. FT has brought more than just motivation but the strength and progress I never thought I would have.”
FT Medfield Warrior

Chelsey Carter

Before Fitness Together I thought I hated working out...turns out I just hated "the gym" and I needed an environment like FT. FT has not only given me more confidence and strength, but has shown me that the things I thought were impossible (for example, push-ups) are actually well within my reach. Side note, I can do 10 push-ups now, which is 10 more than I ever thought I'd be able to do. I could not be more in love with this place and the trainers. Thank you FT Medfield!




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FT Medfield Warrior

Deb Beck

I cannot say enough about the staff at Medfield Fitness Together; Dan, Uly & Lexi — when I started last November a week before Thanksgiving, I could not bend over comfortably to tie my shoes. And to make matters worse, my knees were in constant agony. I knew there was still an athlete in me, I just didn’t know where it was hiding, Out of shape, limited mobility are not a great combination for anyone and at 56 I wasn’t willing to throw in the towel! I interviewed a few gyms with trainers and meet with Dan, he was the third gym I interviewed and something clicked, Dan is very personable and talked about not only training but nutrition; you can’t be training efficiently without the correct nutrition. I was sold and signed up on the spot! My first session we talked about nutrition and flexibility; their knowledge of training, along with soft tissue knowledge and how it works with movement, strength and flexibility — I went from not bending and walking down stairs gingerly — to bounding down stairs and bending to tie shoes! And my strength, through the roof! All this happened over the course of those 10 months while my father was in and out of the hospital, coming closer to his final days. Knowing that I had Dan, Uly & Lexi in my corner to release some stress during this period was the best thing I did; no I didn’t lose a lot of weight, 20-something pounds, but my body responded to the new nutrition-focused meals and as I said, my flexibility, AWESOME. My father passed in June, he taught me to play golf at 15 and I am happy to say that I am looking forward to playing golf until my last year of life — same as my Dad. All thanks for Fitness Together Medfield for keeping me accountable.

Shelley Duncan

"I have been training at FT for more than 5 years. It's an important part of my health and wellness. Working with Ulises at FT, I have achieved many of my fitness goals but he continued to encourage me to not only focus on my fitness but also my nutrition. He helped me get serious about that and encouraged me. I lost 30lbs in 4 months. Ulises and FT has improved the quality of my life and I will be forever grateful."
FT Medfield Warrior

Bill Hunter

For years I thought I could not afford a personal trainer, but after realizing what it has done for my overall well-being, I now know, I cannot afford not to work with one. The folks at Fitness Together are both impressively knowledgeable and extremely personable. They work hard to “personalize” a fitness plan for each client, and then provide just the right encouragement to ensure your success. I have been working with them for months and I know they have already added both years and quality to my life. My journey back to good health will be a long one, but with Fitness Together, I know I have the trusted guidance every step of the way!


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Jay Cromarty

"My tenure with FT Medfield is more than 2+ years now, and as a consequence I am 60 years old going on 50. No joke: I am arguably the strongest and fittest I've been since my 20's and none of this would have happened without FT Medfield.
Dan has assembled the A Team of trainers in Marianne, Lexie, Isaac, Eric, Anthony and Ryan. It's a joy working with each and every one, as they bring their own insights, personality and methods to propel me to work hard every session. To drive the point home: I never want to miss a session, no matter how exhausting, as the team elicits the very best I have to offer. My sincere thanks to the entire team."      
FT Medfield warrior

Jay Duncan

The winter fitness challenge at FT Medfield was the perfect thing to help motivate me to stay engaged in healthy activities during that always challenging holiday season where food intake is up and activity is down. Ulises kept me on track pushing and supporting me each week as I worked to improve my strength and endurance. The challenge motivated me to work harder than ever before and I ended up achieving results that I never would have imagined I could. The competition with other clients was fun too, and I was impressed with everyone’s weekly progress. Although winning the challenge was very fulfilling, the real benefit has been a renewed focus on making my health a priority. Thank you Dan and the entire FT Team!

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FT Medfield Warrior

Riley Beath

When I first started here, I knew I wanted to get myself back in shape, but I didn't realize how quickly it would happen. Dan and his amazing staff of trainers combine intense personal training with a friendly atmosphere that can help challenge clients of any age to perform at their very best within their comfort zone. I have been a client for 17 weeks and I am more confident physically, mentally and socially. This is the best shape I have been in since high school and I recommend Fitness Together Medfield to everyone!

                                                                                    RIley Beath, Medfield MA

                                                                                 Manager, Blue moon Bagel

Jim Gips

I have been a client at Fitness Together Medfield for over 7 years.  My goal is not weight loss or increased athletic ability (though these also would be appropriate goals) but maintaining and improving my general heath.

Before I started at FT my primary care doctor told me the single best change I could make in my life to improve my health is to begin working out and getting more exercise.  I hadn't exercised in decades.  

Fitness Together is close to where I live so I thought I'd give it a try.  They started me off slowly, as appropriate, and gradually increased the level of difficulty.  They have excellent trainers. Uli, Lexie, and Bill right now, and an outstanding owner, Dan, who care about me as an individual and who formulate personal workouts.  The workout is different each time, but variations on a theme that are targeting some aspects of my physical capabilities.  I can tell them I'd like to do more balance work or more lifting or that a muscle in my thigh is bothering me and they will incorporate it into the workouts.  You get one-on-one training sessions.  You can schedule online.  Fitness Together, Medfield, has a very friendly, community atmosphere.  

I try to go three times per week.  The first change, seven years ago, was that to my surprise my posture and how I carry myself changed for the better.  I enjoy the workouts at FT.  Plus I know my overall health is better because of Fitness Together.

Kristin Laverdiere

I have completed my first eight weeks with Fitness Together Medfield and I couldn't be more satisfied! I must admit I have always been one who thought I didn't 'need' a personal trainer. I've had countless memberships at local gyms, joined group training for women, taken fitness classes, and purchased more infomercial workout programs that I'm proud to admit. I am so happy I joined Fitness Together. I immediately realized the difference in FT during my first session. I am also learning more about my personal health than ever before. Fitness together is dedicated to individualized attention to health and well being. I've experienced greater results in my first eight weeks than any other program I've participated in. I feel great relief knowing I'm making the time spent each day for myself count. A big thanks to Dan and the Fitness Together team on getting me started (and keeping me on track!) on this journey.