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Get to know our friendly Fitness Together® Personal Training Staff at Mansfield.

Stephen Gannon BS, NASM CPT, TRX
Stephen Gannon BS, NASM CPT, TRX

Stephen Gannon BS, NASM CPT, TRX

Manager/Personal Trainer

Hello! My name is Stephen Gannon I’m a NASM certified personal trainer and I’ve been here with Fitness Together Mansfield for about 3 years now. A little bit about myself I graduated Mansfield High School in 2011 and graduated from Worcester State University in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and health and fitness.

I began my fitness journey in college where I was the captain of the track and field team. I loved running but lifting weights and nutrition was my real passion which I would later figure out in my junior year of college. Since graduating I have found my true passion which is bodybuilding. I’ve competed in 4 bodybuilding shows, 1 in 2017 and 3 in 2018. My biggest accomplishment so far is winning the novice overall as well as 2nd place in the open class at the OCB Northshore Natural. Bodybuilding takes so much hard work and discipline but it has made me a better trainer in the long run.  

I live and breathe fitness and nutrition 24/7. The face my clients make when they achieve their goals is like no other feeling. I don’t care if you’re my first or my last client of the day I will give you my 100 effort and energy every single time you walk through that door. I love my job. I love helping others live a better life. Come check us out!  Remember when you feel like quitting remember why you started!


Passionate about: “I love the sport of bodybuilding. I love pushing my body to the absolute limit it can go. Using the combination of strength training, cardio and diet you can achieve amazing results. In competition prep I’m extremely dedicated to hitting my macro nutrient intake as well as every single workout. In the off season I really enjoy living a balanced and enjoyable life!


Previous/Present Work Experiences: Personal Trainer/Assistant Manager at Corporate Wellness & Fitness, Group Fitness Instructor at Plant Fitness, Personal Training Counselor at LA Fitness


Passion about your work: “What wakes me up every single morning is knowing how I can change someone’s life every single day. Being a personal trainer is more than just giving someone a great workout. You really give everything you have to that individual to change their life. I love personal training and it’s something I can’t see myself ever leaving.


Certifications: National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM CPT), TRX Suspension Training, Bodybuilding (NASM), Integrated Speed, Agility & Quickness Training (NASM), Integrated Resistance Training (NASM) , Cardiorespiratory Training for Sports Performance (NASM), Integrated Core Training (NASM) 



Katelyn Doherty BA, NASM-CPT
Katelyn Doherty BA, NASM-CPT

Katelyn Doherty BA, NASM-CPT

Fitness and Nutrition Coach

Graduate of Bridgewater State University, Katelyn has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education with a minor in exercise physiology. She is also a Certified Person Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM CPT). Health and fitness is a major part of her life and she loves helping others achieve their personal health and fitness goals. In addition to being a full-time personal trainer, Katelyn is a competitive bodybuilder. She started competing over a year ago and has never looked back, “knowing I can push my body to the absolute limits to achieve my goals is a constant motivator,” she says, “anyone can do anything they set their mind to” and that’s what she hopes to show clients through their training sessions. She exudes positivity and confidence as she trains and clients can truly see how passionate she is about helping them reach their goals.


Passionate about: “I love bodybuilding and push my body to the absolute limits. Being consistent with my strength training, cardio and dietary requirements is essential to me. In my competition prep season I make sure to hit my target goals for the week on point, but during my improvement season I allow for more flexibility and try to live a more balanced lifestyle. I love being in both stages and know what I have to do during each stage to achieve my goals.”

Previous/Present Work Experience: Group Fitness Instructor at Planet Fitness, Group Exercise Instructor for Bootcamp at BSU, Youth Cheerleading Coach

Passion about your work: “I love having the ability to help others reach their goals. Being that one person that can hold other accountable for their actions in regards to health and fitness gives me a purpose in life. Knowing that I have the tools and knowledge to guide others in the right direction for them to live and balance, healthy and happy life is what makes me wake up with a smile on my face every morning. I love what I do and I love changing people’s lives when they may not have thought it was possible.”

Certifications: National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM CPT)



Matt Krysko NASM, FMS

Corrective Exercise Specialist and Coach

Hello! My name is Matt Krysko I’m a NASM certified personal trainer and an Army veteran. I graduated Bridgewater State University in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and joined the Army later that year. I fell in love with lifting weights when I was 13 and never looked back, but the Army is where I found my calling as a trainer. I trained other soldiers to pass their PT tests or to lose enough weight to be able to stay in the Army. Their success felt like my success; I was hooked.

The military does take its toll on your body though. All go all the time isn’t sustainable and eventually my body broke down. I tore a ligament in my shoulder and tried to push through it for years but eventually had to have it surgically repaired in May 2018. That led me down the path I’m on now. I am a NASM certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and obtained a level one certification in Functional Movement Screens.

My goal is to help identify and correct any imbalances or improper movement mechanics our clients may have. Moving properly and pain free is essential to making progress on not just your fitness journey but life in general.

Passionate about: “I love working out. Any form, any type, anywhere. Whether it’s playing 1v1 basketball with my brother, lifting heavy in the gym or hiking with my wife and dog on the weekends I love anything that gets me moving. The human body is built to move and move often and I want to take advantage of that for as long as I can.”

Previous/Present Work Experiences: Personal Trainer/Assistant Manager at Corporate Wellness & Fitness, Group Fitness Instructor at Get In Shape For Women, Personal Trainer at Work Out World.

Passion about your work: “Fitness is a lot like building a house. The first thing you do is build a strong foundation. Once the foundation is solid that’s when you can start framing and creating the structure of the house. Only once all of that is done do you start adding in your fancy kitchen and master bedrooms etc. etc. Your body is no different. We build you a strong foundation so later on we can build something that you’ll love and have for a long time: the new you.”


Michael See MS, CDE
Michael See MS, CDE

Michael See MS, CDE

Fitness Coach

Greetings! My name is Michael See.  I am a passionate exercise and health care professional who partners with individuals of all ages and abilities to help them achieve a higher level of well-being and performance in life and work. With over twenty years of experience in health clubs, hospitals, and specialty clinic settings, I have worked with a variety of client populations. Whether you are starting an exercise program for the first time or preparing for a competitive event, I partner with my clients through a creative process that inspires and supports them to maximize their potential.

I have participated in sports and fitness all of my life. In high school, I was a multi-sport athlete (soccer, baseball, and basketball) and played soccer in college. Over the years I have been an avid runner, bike rider and sports enthusiast. I enjoy a variety of training activities; from free weight to resistance bands and TRX. I stay active for enjoyment and to feel and perform at my best.

I did my undergraduate training at Marietta College in Sports Medicine/Athletic Training and Education. I attended graduate school at the University of Rhode Island in Clinical Exercise Science. I have multiple certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine and completed a variety of training and certification programs. I have expertise in clinical exercise working with individuals with diabetes, and cardiovascular conditions to name a few.

Passionate about: “I love the physical and mental benefits that are achieved with regular physical activity, healthy nutrition, quality sleep, and a positive mindset.  I love the outdoors, hiking, trail running, and gardening. I enjoy being with my family; my wife Janet and teenage sons Jason and Brian. I have seen them develop a love of sports, fitness and healthy lifestyle habits.

Previous Work Experience: Exercise Specialist at Norwood Hospital Cardiology Department. Clinical Exercise Physiologist at Joslin Diabetes Center, Boston, MA. Certified Diabetes Educator Southcoast Health.

Passionate about your work: “I enjoy partnering with my clients, supporting them in their journey to achieving their health and fitness goals. I believe that every client has the potential to be creative and resourceful to reach their best self.”