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Low Carb Chicken Soup

Low Carb Chicken Soup

Stephen Gannon

Single Serving Low-Carb Chicken Soup


4 oz. pre-cooked shredded chicken

2 Handfuls of spinach

2 cups of low-sodium chicken broth

2 cups of microwavable cauliflower rice


Spray a small sauce pan with cooking spray, add spinach to the sauce pan and sautee on low-medium heat until it begins to wilt, add in chicken broth and chicken and cook for five minutes, while that cooks microwave the cauliflower rice, once cauliflower rice is done, add to pan and cook on medium heat for another 3 minutes, add in black pepper, onion powder and pink salt to taste. Enjoy a nice warm bowl of soup without the guilt for these cold, chilly winter days. **Double all ingredients to make more and share with friends**


200 calories

11g Carbohydrates| 34g Protein| 1g Fat

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