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More Ways to Get Your Fitness!

Jun 15, 2011

Introducing FT Private Group & Buddy Training!

FT Lincoln is very excited to announce that beginning in June we will be evolving to offer our clients more fitness options. In addition to 1:1 personal training we will also begin offering Private Group Training for small groups of up to 4 clients and a 2 client Buddy program. We will also begin offering a monthly fee structure as an alternative to pre-paying for session packages.

Why We Are Doing This – Providing choice out of consideration.

Providing Private Group Training is a decision we came upon with much thought and consideration. While we continue to believe the private, personal nature of our fitness program is an important aspect of the service we provide, we also know that personal training can be inherently expensive. Our private approach to group training will offer a more economical option while maintaining the integrity of our FT fitness, cardio and nutrition programs. In fact for many clients, we believe our approach to Private Group Training may offer a better solution! Our Buddy Program is another cost friendly alternative without sacrificing the expert coaching Fitness Together provides.

Private Group Training Offers Many Benefits Beyond Cost – Energy, Motivation, Accountability, Scheduling Flexibility and FUN!

In a small, private group, it’s not just your trainer routing you on, but it’s your FT family members who are pushing themselves right along with you. There’s something about that camaraderie that can add just a little something extra in your workout for even better results and a fun experience. FT Private Group Training will be scheduled as recurring sessions just like you do for 1:1 sessions, but it’s no problem at all to reschedule into any Private Group that has a spot available any day/time you like.

If you have a loved one or a friend you want to train with, then our Buddy Training Program is ideal. For just a little bit more money than our small group classes, you’ll each be coached through your own personalized plans as you train side by side. Sharing the experience of fitness is a great way to stay motivated and catapult your success to heights you may not now think possible. You’ll save big over our one-on-one private training sessions.

Let’s Discuss What is Right for You.

Whatever is the right solution for you, we just want to make sure that you get into the best shape of your life and are successful in reaching your goals. We are happy to be offering you both the Private Group Training and Buddy Training options and look forward to talking with you about the right program for you.

In health and fitness,

Matthew Gagliano, M.Ed., CPT


John Miller, CSCS, CPT



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