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Imagine what you could accomplish if your fitness came first?

Feb 3, 2016

Like famous actors and actresses that get in INCREDIBLE shape for their movie roles, pretend you only had to focus on eating healthy foods, sleeping plenty of hours, and exercising in order to get in peak physical condition.
Would you look like King Leonidas leading the mighty 300?
Or Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games?
Would people confuse you for Chris Evans in Captain America?
It's fun to think about "what if" - what would we be capable of if we put our training and nutrition over everything else?
Most people would answer the question above with something like "I would end up in the BEST shape of my life...except that's not possible. You see, I have..."
Today, I'm going to challenge you to spend the next month putting fitness first.
That's right, you get to be as selfish as you need to be in order to accomplish three goals:
  • You do NOT miss a workout. No matter what.
  • You consume healthy calories that allow you to reach your goal.
  • You can say no to any obligation that would keep you from getting enough sleep or working out.
When you are trying to build healthy habits, especially if you are going all in, it's often quite difficult to give yourself permission to "be selfish" when society and your duties tell you "fitness isn't a priority."
We all say "I'd love to exercise more," but the reality is this: it's not what we say is a priority, but rather what we DO that's the real priority. This is me giving you permission to give yourself permission to be selfish for a month while you're getting the ball rolling. Because it's going to be a challenge to bust through bad habits and societal pressures, this might be what you need to finally build that habit.
Don't think you can actually put fitness first? Let's take a look at a few examples:
You schedule your workout in your calendar each week, and there is NOTHING short of a zombie apocalypse that will keep you from going to that workout (and we even got you covered there). You let your coworkers, friends, and your loved ones know that your workouts come first. At least for this month.
If you are at work and a meeting runs late, or you're stuck at work because you had an unproductive day, you get up and leave when needed in order to complete your entire workout.
What you think will happen: Your wife will divorce you, you'll get fired from your job, or your kids will start to ask "where's Dad?" After all, there's NO way you'll find time to do all of the things you do currently AND workout and still be a great parent, right?
What actually happens: After a week of leaving work on time without everything completed, you learn to become better at time management. You are FULL of energy from your workouts (much to the delight of your loved one), and you still manage to take care of your family. Your kids are inspired and want to become "strong like mom/dad." People learn to respect your gym time and don't bother you during it.
You need to hit your target calories for the day, and you need to consume plenty of vegetables and protein. If you're traveling, you have permission to eat at more expensive restaurants that have vegetables on the menu instead settling for fast food.
Cooking at home? Take your time and do it right, including your kids in the process and having them help you!
What you think will happen: You'll go broke in three days, you'll spend ALL of your time cooking, your friends and family will disown you for your unusual eating patterns, and your favorite fast food employees will forget your name.
What actually happens: You spend a bit more money temporarily on eating out, and you spend more time on cooking, forcing you to learn to use systems to manage your time more efficiently so you're not always going out to expensive healthy fast food. That money can now no longer be spent on garbage you don't need. After explaining to your friends and family your goals, they start supporting you. Your favorite fast food employees WILL forget your name.
Like Tom Brady, you have a bed time you stick to. You have to tell your friends you can't play League of Legends 'til 3AM. You shut down your computer and TV long before you need to get to sleep so you don't struggle falling asleep. You stop falling asleep to your favorite tv show. You get 7+ hours of sleep every night.
What you think will happen: You'll miss all of your favorite TV shows, your friends will hate you, and you won't have time to play video games. You won't be able to sleep without the TV; you're going to miss out on SO much.
What actually happens: You realize that 95% of the garbage you watch on TV is useless, and after a week you don't miss it. You stop needing a gallon of coffee to get through every morning. You make incredible gains in the gym, better than you ever have before. The circles under your eyes disappear, and you still have plenty of time to have fun.
When you put exercise and your health first before everything else, after a week or two in which you have to scramble to get everything done, I guarantee you will still find the time you need to get everything else done in your life.
  • Yes, it requires a ton of discipline.
  • Yes, you'll probably need to give up a few TV shows.
  • Yes, you'll need to work on the systems that govern your day.
  • Yes, you'll need to be more productive at work.
  • Yes, you'll need to build a batcave.
  • Yes, you'll need to get your friends and family on board.
  • Yes, you'll need to let your coworkers know that you need to leave at a specific time.
Yes, but it is 100% worth it!


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