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If you want to see a change you have to make a change!

Apr 27, 2016

If you want to see a change you have to make a change!

Many people that workout will change their routines in hopes that different variations of exercises will result in faster progress. This is not the case unfortunately. The change that you need to make to see faster progress is increased effort. Many people that switch up their routines do see progress but that is because they were bored with their routine and started pushing themselves harder. The issue with switching up exercises too soon is that you do not give yourself enough time to master the technique required to reap the benefits the exercise has to offer.

Lets take running for example. If you want to decrease your mile time you need to run faster, run longer or run more frequently. There is no magical exercise that will decrease your time unless you increase your intensity.

I had a very funny friend give me some advice a long time ago and it always stuck with me. I was whining about not being able to increase my upper and lower body strength at the same time. I could increase my squat, but my upper body would plateau and vice versa. He just smirked and said, "well why don't you just try a little harder?" I laughed and at the same time acknowledged that he was right.

You should however switch up your routine if you decide you want to reach a different goal or think you could get the same results with something that you enjoy doing more.


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