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3 Tools that are going to help get you skinny

Jul 22, 2015

3 Tools that are going to help get you skinny

So I train a bunch of IT computer guys.
You know computer scientists.
Guys who write software that make me
keep updating windows every other year
Wicked smaht.
They love the newest gadget or tools
to track their progress.
I do love to try out a new fitness toys myself.
Some of them out there are garbage
some of them stupid simple.
And a few extremely effective.
So I had been thinking awhile about listing my favorite
weight loss tools.
So #1 Myfitness Pal App
This little beauty makes keeping track
of what you consumed super easy.
They have a paid version and a free version.
Honestly with the paid version I don't
see a huge added benefit.
I think its only a couple bucks so its not like
you are shelling out a ton of money for it.
Love how it saves what you previously ate and its
as simple as clicking it to add it to your meal.
I can add all of my meals in 3 minutes or less a day
Or the bar code scanner will immediately give you the
nutritional value of what it is you are scanning.
Just in case you are stuck at a grocery store and not sure what to eat.
Bar code scanner makes it super easy to tell if you
should eat that or something else to hit your macros.
Anyways get the app if you haven't already
and actually use it.
Unlike those other stupid apps you have and never use.
(I just googled stupidest apps apparently there is a
proposal app...)
#2 Bioelectrical Impedance Scanner
Getting all sciency on you!
It's just a body fat scanner.
I carry one in my bag at every session.
Some are on scales some are hand held.
It works by sending electrical impulses
through your body and how fast they return.
Don't worry you can't feel a thing.
Lean tissue conducts the impulses faster
than fatty tissue so the response is
Faster response leaner body you have.
Reason this one is important is that
you need to have your numbers and have a goal
to shoot for.
The numbers never lie.
#3 TRX Suspension Trainer
The most versatile piece of equipment
I have ever seen.
Another thing I bring with me to sessions.
I'm sure you probably have seen one on TV
or at the gym.
But did you know?...
The thing has like over 300 different exercises!
This thing was developed by a Navy Seal who
was stuck in some little crappy hut in Afghanistan
for months with NO GYM!!!!
Sound like a nightmare to me in more ways than one.
I leave it in my car and take it with me if I travel
for more than a couple days in a row.
Just so I can get a workout in whether I'm staying at
the Ritz or some hut in the middle of nowhere.


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