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“Knee’s Out, Toe’s Forward”

Sep 2, 2015

“Knee’s Out, Toe’s Forward”

These maybe common cues you here from your Athletic Trainer or Trainer on a day-to-day basis. Despite what you may think there is actually a huge importance to these cues and for all clients to be able to execute them with perfection.

“Toe’s Forward”, it all starts from the ankle up. In my opinion the ankle is one of the most important and neglected joints in the body. If you lack range of motion and mobility at your Subtalor Joint it will directly affect the range of motion at you knee, hip, and spine and the effects of direct force on those joints. During a squat your big toe should be pointed forward or externally rotated 5 degrees to allow the knee, hip, and spine to function properly.

“Knee’s out”, does not mean just to drive your knee’s out while progressing into a squat it means to dig your feet into the ground, supinate your foot “create your own arch” and externally rotate your hip by driving your feet into the ground but without actually externally rotating them. Your knee’s will “drive out” throughout your squat but what this does is activate your glutes throughout your squat, something you should feel immediately when performing a correct squat.

I can’t do that- If you can only perform a “correct squat” with your feet pointed outwards or with an excessive forward lean this needs to be corrected ASAP. Although it may feel fine now and allow you to perform a squat, the small gains you make now will not outweigh the accumulation of errors in form over time and will eventually lead to injury.


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