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Why does stress make me crave sugar?

Mar 21, 2018

Why does stress make me crave sugar?

by Dr. Janet Brill

If you eat more when you’re stressed, you’re not alone. Scientists have shown that many people, especially women, significantly increase their food consumption when stressed. What’s more, stress not only causes people to overeat, but the type of food many people reach for when stressed tends to be loaded with sugar, salt, and fat.

So fight back against stress overeating by having a prepared plan of action! Identify the behavior patterns that have gotten you into trouble in the past and come up with healthful alternatives that will work for you (massage or mani/pedi, anyone?).

Don’t let stress derail your healthy eating habits. Try to include at least one healthy anti-stress strategy into your daily routine. Focus on eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, loaded with antioxidants, to help you keep your immune system working at its best. After all, desserts is stressed spelled backwards!


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