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The 3 Rules

The 3 Rules

Steve Dempsey

The Three Rules

Written by Steve Dempsey


As many of you know I coach quite a few youth teams. After a number of years of trying to enforce “team rules” I have been able to boil them all down to the 3 rules that I have for the teams that I coach. Some of the parents of players have requested that I expand and explain the 3 Rules as they felt that the 3 rules are great rules for life. So here goes.

RULE Number 1

Look, Listen, Learn- When a coach, official or team mate is speaking, look at them, listen to them and learn from them. By looking at them while they are speaking, it shows respect. If you are looking at them while they are speaking, you will listen. If you pay attention to what others are saying, you can learn from them. Respecting others, listening to them (even if you respectfully disagree) and learning how they see things is a great way to go through life.

Rule Number 2

You are not allowed to say “I CAN’T.” Saying I can’t is saying I won’t try. By not even trying, you never know what you can do. Most people will not ask you to do something they know you can’t do. When a coach asks you to try something, they don’t expect perfection from you. But they do expect you to try your best. Try your best, learn from your errors and work to keep improving.

Rule Number 3

Have Fun- The sports season is long (so is life). As coaches we try to schedule in fun times during practice. We expect you to have fun with your teammates while at practice. When you are not at practice, make sure you are having fun each and every day.

Those are the 3 rules that I use for my teams. As some of my parents have stated, these rules apply to life.