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The Biggest Loser is a Big Loser

Feb 26, 2015

Most people know the show the Biggest Loser and how it transform obese people into these skinny/”improved” version of themselves. What the normal person doesn't know though, is that the tactics used on the show to lose the weight is dangerous and unhealthy for these contestants, and are used mostly for entertainment value.

I have two reasons why this show is horrible for someone looking for motivation or tips to lose the weight:....

A): The Workouts

The workouts that are shown on the show are horrible for someone with that kind of weight problem. The contestant shouldn't be doing high intensity workouts as a start out. In fact, they should be eased into workouts, and start with foundations and the basics in form and lifting.

Do you know why they can begin training with high intensity workouts? Because they have EMTs on standby, in case someone has a heart attack, goes into cardiac arrest, or passes out from exhaustion/dehydration.

A good personal trainer knows that this is not how you should work someone out….. go all out, work them to the bone, and hope they pass out. As a trainer you shouldn't be looking to kill your client to the point where they can’t breathe, throw up, or pass out; it is not enjoyable to the client, its unhealthy, and will like deter the client from wanting to work out again.

People want a quick fix, but reality is that weight loss cannot be obtained with a quick fix, it comes with dedication, motivation, and sticking to a routine.

B): The Insane Weight Loss

People are always amazed by the transformation these people have from the beginning of the show. While it is awesome that they lost all that weight, but the way it is lost and the rate it is being lost is a big problem.

No one really knows what goes on behind the scenes with their diet, so no one knows if they are getting the right nutrients and truly eating healthy. The body should only lose about 2 lbs a week, to lose the weight in a healthy matter. The contestants on the show are losing so much weight in such a short amount of time and tends to put tremendous stress on the body, mainly the heart. Also, side effects of extreme weight loss are loose skin and extreme stretch marks.

If weight is lost properly loose skin will not be a problem because it gives the skin time to shrink back down in sync with the weight loss.

Seek out Professionals...

Always consult your doctor with diets you are thinking of trying or the exercise routines you want to try, because they are the ones who know how your body truly works and what could make things worse for you. After you speak with your physician, if you think you can’t do this on your own, seek out a dietitian and of course friendly neighborhood personal trainer. As always keep your chin up and stick to your goals, and you will see that weight loss is truly a hurdle in life that you are capable of getting over.


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