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You Need Cholesterol

Aug 1, 2012

According to many nutrition researchers out there, including Y.L. Wright and J.M. Swartz, cholesterol is a necessary part of our daily nutrition intake. One of their top recommendations for healthy eating and living is to get enough cholesterol in your diet. This is because cholesterol "helps to keep cell membranes intact and assists with moving needed nutrients in and out of the cell. Cholesterol keeps the immune system and hormones functioning properly."

We've been bombarded for a few decades now to stay away from dietary cholesterol, being told that it is the root of heart disease. As it turns out, Wright and Swartz say "nature's way to normalize cholesterol levels is simply to eat foods that contain cholesterol like meat, butter, eggs and shellfish. The body will take what it needs, and then it will switch off cholesterol production...If you do not eat enough cholesterol-containing foods, your liver will produce all of the cholesterol that the body needs, unless you are taking statins. But if you rely only on your liver to produce cholesterol, and do not eat cholesterol-containing foods, your lived will overproduce cholesterol."

Amazing, isn't it?!


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