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What's in my gym bag?

Jan 21, 2015

My gym bag is what helps me make it through the day efficiently. It keeps me organized on a few fronts; my meals and snacks; it provides a jacket for the cold weather, my shoes and the all important water bottle. My gym bag is my important for function in my daily life outside the facility.

For me to be able to have what I need for the day at the drop of the hat allows me to accomplish my goals for the day. I keep my goals small for a daily basis; drink six cups of water, recommended dailyamount. For me it is easiest to accomplish this with a cup of water before each meal (3), one as soon as I get up, to help kick start my metabolism and by drinking water in the morning reduces the risk of Myocardial Infarction (heart attack) in the morning. Lastly a glass of water before bed helps prevent therisk of stroke. Lastly, there is a recycle symbol on the bottom of each plastic container ranging 1-7. Each stage used for different food and different quality of plastic. Be conscious about what you store your food and drinks in.

My sportswear in my bag is pretty simple my sneakers that I fancy for training. It is best to pick a shoe that is comfortable on your foot, not because they look cool. I also carry a warm jacket in my bag. This is vital this time of you for after your workout. After your workout you have an elevated body temp for many reasons obviously, but if we are not properly cool down when we step outside the sudden change in temp can lead to upper respiratory issues and illness, such as bronchitis, influenza, and pneumonia. We are busy I get it but make sure to bundle up after exercise.

The last but certainly most important is my food for the day. When I arise for the day I usually don’t get to make it back home to eat at all. For me and my meal plan it’s all about portion control. In my bag I usually will have a portioned controlled banana to get my day started and maybe add some cashew butter for some extra energy. For a snack after the gym I have cut up strawberries and a yogurt. For lunch ill make a salad or a sandwich (oh no bread Blair’s gonna get me). My day is about being efficient in my work schedule and my bag helps me get there every day to live how I enjoy.


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